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  1. [WeChat public account operation promotion plan]
    WeChat operation and promotion plan
    WeChat has become a part of daily life. Everyone wants to share a share on the WeChat platform, but as WeChat is widely, The opening of the communication, the operation of WeChat is becoming more and more intense,
    Many people want to do everything to increase the number of fans on the public account. Many people think about the way for fans. Let me talk about the method of WeChat operations. I hope to have
    . WeChat marketing promotion purpose:
    1, through point opposite, one -to -many;
    2, digging high -end potential customers, strengthening with customers Interactivity, real -time interaction after the message received by WeChat accounts is more user -friendly;
    3, do WeChat push content, so that customers can sincerely feel the practicality of the content and benefit.
    4. Increase the brand’s popularity and increase the brand’s marketing power.
    . Function analysis of WeChat public platform:
    Subscribeling number: You can send a group of information every day. The group information appears directly in the subscription number folder. When subscribing to the group sending information, mobile phone WeChat users will not receive message reminders like short
    service number: service number, as the name suggests, mainly provides services for customers. General banks and enterprises do more customer service. The service number can only send a message in a month. During the service of the service number group, the user’s mobile phone will receive the information like receiving the text message, which is displayed in the user’s chat list.
    The main differences: 1. The service number can apply for a custom menu, and the subscription number cannot. 2. The service number can only send a message every month, and the subscription number can send a message every day. 3. Service
    Is that the news of good groups has a message reminding that there is no message to the subscription number group, and directly put it in the subscription number folder.
    . Do you choose the subscription number or the service number?
    This problem can actually be intuitively understood -do the public account need to send WeChat group issuance every day?
    1. The advantages and disadvantages of subscription number: The fact that everyone must accept is that the advantage of WeChat’s folding of the subscription number message is that the user’s interference is reduced. possible. However, there is no need to send so much information or sending information. Fans have no reading at all. What is the meaning of? (Note: The account number referred to here is generally an enterprise
    public account number)
    2, service number use: Relatively speaking, the general catering industry, fast -selling industry, digital electronics enterprises, hotels, automobiles and other industries The news of WeChat accounts requires the promotion of group issuance
    The information such as preferential activities and new products. The frequency of January can usually meet the needs. Do you really need a daily frequency of sending a group? You must make a balance between the information sending frequency and the
    . WeChat marketing promotion advantages:
    1. Traditional marketing model, often due to the slow update of customer information, it has lost a lot of high -quality customer resources. WeChat marketing conducts corporate propaganda and truly does not miss any potential customer
    2, strong targeted, previous text messages and telephone bombs often have scattered targets or cannot summarize all potential customer bases. WeChat marketing, positioning search for different potential customer bases uses different
    marketing promotion models, and multi -pronged approach, so that enterprise publicity is no longer cold and hard, and achieves better publicity effects.
    3, more intuitive, more comprehensive, WeChat marketing systems can not only send text and pictures, but also transmit audio videos in real time. Multi -angle promotion and promotion of enterprises to achieve precise message push
    . The promotion strategy of WeChat public account
    1, one -to -one message push
    The audience group, and then publish some targeted content according to their needs to attract them to pay attention to WeChat public accounts ;
    2, content and interaction
    focusing on content construction through interaction with WeChat fans, deepening the memory of the WeChat account of the store, increasing the favorability of fans to us, thereby stimulating fans to continue to pay attention to WeChat
    3. Making a service number that is not forgotten by fans
    The first step is to think about: how can the service number not be forgotten by fans? For Android users, I would like to thank WeChat for giving the public account to the desktop, and gave the WeChat public account “APP
    to the coat”. Users can see your icon every day to see your icon is not easy to be forgotten.
    For Apple users, fans can remember you through the fun of “airplanes”. Here, the third -party platform provides a good solution, such as the mini -game on the micro -dwelling platform
    . These mini games not only provide an entertainment, but also give every set of independent integral systems to each account with a micro -library. Each game will get the corresponding accumulation
    It can be used to redeem gifts in its points mall, which is the key to attract fans.
    At the same time, some rules, elements or props in such games can be adjusted, and companies can replace their own goods or trademarks. For example, the game platform of Weiku has opened a game that touches against
    : The game can set up how many times fans come in to play every day, the game score mechanism, and the exchange ratio of the game score and points. The most important feature is that the six kinds of
    fruit elements in the game can also be customized, such as uploading their own six product pictures as game elements. Memory
    4. Make a clear service number at a glance
    The second step is to do: always show your “most characteristic” to fans is the right thing, and it must be in the most conspicuous position. At this time, the custom menu opened by WeChat for the service number
    has given us the best choice. Every time fans enter the service number, they can see the characteristic functional navigation of each service number in the most prominent position. We no longer have to worry about the fans do not know how to get
    to take the corresponding service, so easy!
    The advantages of the custom menu not only can display the characteristic functions in the most conspicuous places, but also allow fans to return to the service number too long before they can return to the service number. Perform effective interaction. If there is no custom menu, the operating public account does not pay attention to the logical guidance of interaction. Once you pay attention for a long time, you will interact with the public account for a long time, and the function guidance of the automatic response of the automatic response when you bet
    The corresponding rules have long been forgotten, and the importance of the custom menu appears.
    6. Specific WeChat marketing promotion forms:
    1. Website forum posting, industry website posting
    posting bar, mobile phone industry website, (such as Weifeng.com, Machine Fengwang, Zhongguancun mobile phone, mobile phone China China (Posted by the network technology website, (such as Leifeng.com, the home of the station, etc.) to do it.
    2. WeChat push
    In personal accounts to drive the public account. Do more publicity through the trumpet.

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