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  1. There are many reasons for the company to dismiss employees, such as absenteeism, frequent leave, and tasks that cannot be completed. These sounds like reasonable dismissal reasons. But if employees do not agree to be fired for overtime, or are it too outrageous to be fired on time? The following lists the company’s outrageous reason for dismissal to see if you have encountered it.

    . Because it is fired on time every day, it is outrageous!

    The netizen voicing: “It has been a few days before the probation period, and suddenly received the notice, I was fired. It is successfully completed on time, why do I dismiss me? I am not convinced to find a leader, and I was told that because the company is in the stage of high -speed development, it is not enough to complete my work every day like me. It’s outrageous. I confirmed the time of getting duty before I joined the job, and I didn’t tell me to work overtime. Why can’t I get off work on time when I finish my get off work? “

    : If an enterprise wants to dismiss employees during the probation period, it must prove that “employees cannot be competent, and after training or adjusting their jobs, they still cannot be competent.” In addition, no matter what reason, the company should pay certain economic compensation during the trial period. If the person in the workplace encounters this situation, the company can ask the company to pay this part of the economic compensation or propose labor arbitration.

    . I was informed by the leader to refuse to work overtime without salary and let me take the initiative to leave!

    The netizen voicing: “The magical day was turned on. The call from the leader was awakened that day, and he was told that he should go to the Canadian class on Saturday. Think: Workers, when they are forced to live, they step on the company. When they get off work at night, HR calls me to talk, claiming that the boss has a password to read: I am not preparing to attack you, but you have to accept the holidays after acceptance. The company works overtime to prevent any problems with the maintenance machine. Recently, the company’s project is launched, but the boss dumped it after using the person, and many employees in the development team were cut and only left our maintenance team. Ask: How to calculate overtime salary? HR tells me that she will ask. The next day, what I receive is the second password of the boss: let me take the initiative to leave, can I be cleaned out in this way Human? “

    If experts: Please safeguard your rights and interests. First of all, you know that when the company arranges employees to work overtime on weekends. If the employer cannot arrange for a rest, it should pay a salary of not less than 200%of the salary. In this encounter, I suggest you collect evidence of previous overtime. If you have evidence that the unit allows you to work overtime, it can be proposed that employers are required to pay overtime fees that have not been paid in accordance with the law. At the same time, the departure is that the employer wants to actively terminate and terminate the labor contract, and employees may ask the employer to pay compensation.

    . I was notified by the leader too hard to go to work. What happened?

    The netizen voicing: “I never thought that it was also a mistake that was too hard. After joining, the leader has always been very good to me and encouraged me to work hard and make it. After the grade, I did n’t worry about the salary increase. Some time ago, the department took up an important customer cooperation. After I was busy, I finally won the big order. The boss named me at the meeting, and I was complacent. Two days, the leader asked me to go home for a few days on the grounds that I worked too much. As a result, the leader was informed by the leader for no reason and asked me to leave. I asked a good colleague who had a good personal relationship. I promoted me, but I think I love invitations too much and grab the credit of the team. Can I only take the initiative to leave? “

    The experts: the matter has not yet reached the point where it cannot be recovered, When you are young, the leader is okay as long as you are willing to issue a fake bar that you ask for leave. As you said, the leader is pretty good to you. Think about it carefully, is you really inviting merit in front of the boss in private? Or are you not loyal to the leader? When you are in charge, you have to go back to the company to go to work normally. Quickly find a leader to talk about your attitude and dismiss the misunderstanding.

    If the leadership attitude is resolute, the unit will dismiss you on the grounds of absenteeism, and the leader will verbally approve your vacation. You can only prove yourself through people’s testimony, find a colleague who knows you to communicate with the leadership, and this colleague is willing to testify. This is also a awakening to the people in the workplace: such a decision made by the leader should be recognized by the leader, or the confirmation method of chat history and email. The leave should be taken in accordance with the formal process, submitted an application to the Ministry of Personnel.

  2. There are many reasons for being fired by the company, including the company’s layoffs, violating relevant codes, and even boss hated you. However, there are more unusual and incredible reasons in life being fired:
    1. Boring work
    Per teenage office staff Kimbie Swan posted a post on Facebook and complained about complaining She was bored with her logistics company in the Ivyle market, and she was fired later.

    2. Bathing in the sink
    In 2008, three KFC employees were fired for bathing in the restaurant sink. These girls are from Anderson, California. After working in fast food restaurants for a long time, they all took off the bikini in order to relax. One of them decided to upload the photo to her MySpace page.

    3. Cockroaches
    30 staff members of a TV network in Turkmenistan were fired because a cockroach rushed to the desk of news broadcasters during the live broadcast. National TV was bombarded by a phone call from the disgusting audience, and they said that they could not continue to have dinner.

    4. Charming
    The dentist assistant Melishalson was fired by the Iowa dentist James, because she was too attractive. Knight’s wife also worked in his dental office, forcing him to fire Nielsen.

    This reasons for being fired really make people laugh, but no one is willing to be fired at work because it is too difficult!

  3. Female employees were fired because they were envious of paying salary on time. The reason for the dismissal of employees was even more strange. Some were dismissed because of the problem of appearance, some were dismissed because they did not send a circle of friends, and some were dismissed because they did not attend the party … Federation of removal The reason for the reason is only what you can’t think of, no company can’t do it, after all, you are employees, he is the boss. However, remarking for no reason can pick up legal means for self -defending rights.
    because of not sending a circle of friends, he was fired
    In Anhui Liu’an, a woman claimed to be self -proclaimed, and recruited a media company through the Internet. After three weeks of working, one day suddenly received the news and said that he was saying he was saying he was saying he was working. The company was fired, and when she asked the reason, the answer given by the company was “the employee did not release the company’s related circle of friends, and the release of the circle of friends was one of the company’s assessment of the employee, so she did not pass the assessment of the assessment. , I have been fired. “This reason is a bit ridiculous. When is the employee’s responsibility linked to the circle of friends? However, at this stage, many companies require employees to publish the content of the company in their circle of friends. The purpose of this is because the company needs your connections to create more benefits for the company. I have encountered such a company. Some people have to accept such relevant requirements. Some people choose the content of the company’s related company to only open the content of the company, and some refuse such a requirement, either to be dismissed or left by themselves.

    This was fired because of looks
    The ladies named Xiao said that he interviewed the front desk of a company and worked for about half a year at this company. The company suddenly fired him. The reason for the first time was that she was not enough to do this job. This reason was normal, but the reason for the second time to dismiss was that the image was not suitable for the front desk. This reason was a bit strange. The image and appearance are not suitable for the front desk why the front desk did not say when applying at the beginning, but it was said that the work at the front desk was really related to the face value after about half a year. If you don’t meet, you can accept it, but after half a year, he said that it is a bit far -fetched.

    The was fired because he did not attend the party
    The relevant reports a few days ago. It is said that an employee was fined because he did not participate in the birthday dinner of other employees organized by the manager. If the employee disagrees with such a fine, the manager said that either pay the fine or leave, and choose one. This is equivalent to disguised disguise. In the end, the explanation given by the manager is that this is just a warning without a real fine, but if the incident is not reported, will we believe the manager’s explanation?

    The reason do you still encounter or see?

  4. Now the reason for being dismissed is strange. I have collected the following wonderful reasons for being fired:
    1. Do not send a circle of friends to be fired.

    . There was a woman who was told that she was fired after more than half a month after joining the job. However, the company did not inform the publishing circle of friends in advance.
    2. I was fired because I said a swearing in the work group

    Pee someone once questioned the salary in the work group, and then said a swear words and was kicked out of the company and was fired. The reason was that when he was talking in the group, he was seen by the leader. The leader believed that the quality of this person was not high and did not continue to work in the company.
    3. Female employees were fired because they did not want to dance

    Madon this year, a lady in Hangzhou was fired because she didn’t want to dance. At 9 o’clock in the evening, the leader did not let her go and let her dance for a while. Because the company is going to have an annual meeting, it is necessary to rehearse programs. But because she was tired, she refused, and then made suggestions in the WeChat group: Whether things can be arranged in advance and not temporarily notified. As a result, the leader reported up, and the company believed that she was hitting the top and asked her to leave.
    4. A male colleague of the company was opened: because he did not live in a five -star hotel on a business trip, he stayed for 7 days and did not live in five stars. He said to save money for the company).
    5. The boss of a company fired a woman in the sales department. The reason was that it was too thin. He felt that he didn’t look good. He liked the kind of festive girls and said wealth.

    It what should I do if they are fired for no reason,
    In employees are often in a weak person. At this time rights and interests. Once you encounter a situation of being fired for no reason, you must know how to do the following steps:

    1. To go to get off work normally, the normal punch card will leave your attendance records to prevent enterprises from using this excuse to use this excuse to you Carry out for free;

    2, receiving salaries, attendance tables, work certificates, and colleagues’ testimony to prove the evidence of your work in this company;

    3,,, After the evidence is ready, you can go directly to the labor arbitration department to complain, or find a professional lawyer to help handle it.
    In fact, for the fired by the company, if there is a factor in illegal firing, the company can require the company to implement a 2N 1 compensation plan. ) The compensation plan can be.

    The people do not believe in the role of the law, but are afraid of trouble, and they are afraid of spending a lot of money with the company. In fact, there are many legal support departments that can provide legal support to citizens for free.
    The most direct is to call the 12345 hotline for consultation.

  5. There are many reasons for being fired. Is it wrong to pay for salary on time? Is it wrong to get off work in time?
    Reason 1. High enthusiasm
    The small and medium -sized enterprises in China due to the low operating profit of the monthly business and not looking for problems on themselves, so they decided to dismiss the employees, and said that the employee was not enthusiastic, and the dismissal employees would reduce the employees to reduce Some employee costs.

    Reason 2. Insufficient capabilities
    The small and medium -sized enterprises have insufficient work ability to write down the reasons for dismissal. Ignoring relevant laws and regulations to dismiss employees to determine the ability of employees is not enough, which is outrageous.
    The reason 3. Suitable for the job requirements

    The number of recruiting companies has no wages for seven days. Many small and medium -sized enterprises have seven -day trial no salary. The purpose is to let employees work without compensation within seven days. At the same time, they are publishing recruitment information. If they find better candidates in these seven days, they will dismiss you and because it is not suitable for writing. post.

    Reason 4. Company performance assessment layoffs
    Due to the unsatisfactory income of operating income, the company wants to solve the urgent urgency through layoffs. As we all know, employee work signed a labor contract. According to the “Labor Contract Law”, employees shall not be fired to give employees to employees without salary and long vacation.
    Reasons 5. Step on the point of get off work
    Molly companies because employees step on get off work, they think that employees can clean up things in advance, do not work, causing the working hours to be less efficient, so the employees are dismissed.

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