I want to take a car to find a job

I have a car in Nanming District, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province.

5 thoughts on “I want to take a car to find a job”

  1. Take a car to find a job, the most typical is to register Didi software, and then run the Didi Express. If your car meets the conditions, you can run a Didi special car. The income is considerable. rn在公司或者工厂,基本都有车了,你带车过去找工作,一般用不上,除非你和别人融资合伙做生意,这样你的车可以接送客户、可以送样品,可以送Some light goods, or valuable goods.

  2. It depends on whether you are a truck or a car. If you are a general unit, you do n’t need it. It is okay to drive Didi by yourself, or you can run a company with others. If you are a truck, you can take your own car to find a long -term cooperative unit to run the freight.

  3. I have never understood you to find a job with a car. Do you want to find a job or say it? Can you say that you should be more specific when you find a job with your car? I can answer for you.

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