Which professional groups corresponding to auto repair majors?

Which professional groups corresponding to auto repair majors?

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  1. Employment direction:
    1. Auto special maintenance service company is engaged in technical services such as inspection and maintenance, front desk reception, information management and other technical services;
    2. Auto testing center (station) engaged in automotive testing and on -site technical management;
    3. Automobile transportation company engaged in vehicle maintenance, inspection and maintenance and other technical services;
    4. Insurance institutions or automotive maintenance companies engage in automobile insurance and fixed loss claims.

    M main course:
    A professional ethics, legal foundation, mechanical drawing (including AutoCAD), mechanical design foundation, automotive structure, automotive electrical, engine electronic control technology, automotive chassis electronic technology, automobile body body Electronic technology, automotive performance testing technology, automobile failure diagnosis and maintenance, automobile professional English, gold work internship, engine disassembly training, automobile disassembly training, automobile testing and maintenance training, and automobile driving training.

    Career skills:
    1, car performance detection capacity;
    2, car failure diagnosis and maintenance capabilities;
    3, automotive accessories technical management capabilities;
    4, automobiles, cars Insurance claims, survey determination ability;
    5, the ability to identify and evaluate the old motor vehicle.

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