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The types and characteristics of the beverages of novice opening shops – europuppyblog

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  1. Today, coffee, milk tea, and juice have become the new favorite of young people drinks. When you go shopping, friends gather, often visiting such a cool and elegant place for beverage stores. Therefore, opening a unique beverage shop is one of the preferred projects for many young people today. Its main characteristic is that small investment and high profits are important platforms for young people to realize their dreams and reflect the value of life. There are two ways to open a beverage store and join: If you know this industry more (the market conditions and production methods of beverages), of course, it is the best choice to save a lot of joining fees. You can get rid of the restraint of the main store and give full play to your talents; if you are a novice, we recommend that you choose the way to join, because you can not only learn the unique drinking process and advanced marketing concept of the main store, but also use it to use it. The brand advantage of the main store develops its own market, so the risk is relatively small. But no matter which one you go to open a store, you can prepare well and meticulous before opening the store.

    With the continuous development of science and technology and food culture, there are more and more types of drinks. Generally favored.

    The young Xiao Zhou had the idea of ​​opening a shop to start a business, but what shops do you open? Thinking about it, he decided to open a drink shop based on the capital status and the usual understanding of the market. Due to the lack of industry knowledge, please ask someone to help and introduce a drink store to learn from the scriptures. The manager of the beverage store was an enthusiastic person who received him enthusiastically. Manager Wang told Xiao Zhou that the first drinking shop must have a certain understanding of the types and characteristics of the drinks. For example, the type of drinks is related to the seasonal consumption, which drinks are selling hot in summer, which drinks are hot in autumn, and so on. In view of the variety of beverages, the busy scene of beverage stores is no longer limited to summer, but is operating normally throughout the year. From the words of Manager Wang, Xiao Zhou was inspired by many.

    The entrepreneurship in any industry must have certain industry knowledge, as well as opening a drink store, because this is the basis for developing and promoting the cause. Beverage shops are a place for cold drinks, hot drinks and related foods. For the operators of beverage stores, there is a understanding of different types of beverage stores. The types of beverage shops are generally coffee houses, ice cream houses, fruit juice shops, fruits, vegetable juice shops, milk tea shops, herbal tea shops, etc. The names are different, and the business scope is also different.

    This can be divided into the following three types according to physical forms:

    (1) Frozen food. Frozen food is a semi -solid drink made by frozen. It is based on water, sugar, eggs, milk, starch, cocoa powder, kernels, jams, etc., and add an appropriate amount of food additives to mixed preparation. Common ones are ice cream, ice cubes, popsicles, ice cream, etc.

    (2) liquid drink. Line drinks refer to drinks with a non -exceed 0.5%of the ethanol content. Depending on the different materials or products used, my country is divided into carbonated drinks, juice drinks, vegetable juice beverages, dairy beverages and plant protein beverages.

    (3) Solid drink. Solid beverages are beverages that can be drunk with cold and hot water compared to liquid drinks.

    The types of beverage stores are diverse and different. For operators who want to open a drink store, how many large beverage stores should be opened according to their own situation, such as capital conditions, management capabilities, personnel conditions, and anti -risk capabilities. Generally speaking, for those who have weak funds, just starting, and lacking experience, the scale of starting is best not to climb blindly and do what you do. Although it is a big style, the risks are high, and there are small exquisite. Small drink shops are actually not small in operation. It also needs to master the processing process of supply channels, service models, management of people, wealth, and things, and some specialty beverages.

    Stimeter’s juice shop is small and simple and generous, with an area of ​​only 20 square meters, located near a university. The indoor ceiling is decorated with grape vines. More than a dozen small tables are made of bamboo vines decorated with flowers. Especially in the hot summer, walking into the small shop has a sense of greenery, looking at the green leaves above the head of the head. A string of grapes with dew in the reflection, coupled with relaxed and lively background music, make people spiritual. Freshly squeezed juice is also a feature here. When you walk into the store, you can choose your favorite fresh fruits. The owner will help you cut it into pieces and then put it in the juicer. Soon, a cup of fresh fruit will be sent to you. Because of the university, college students like to have a drink here for their spare time, and relaxed their mood while enjoying the taste. It can be seen that although Xiao Zhou’s drink shop is small, he can make big articles.

    “Taishan does not refuse fine soil, so it can become high; Everything is from small to large, from weak to strong, and gradually develops. When you operate the small beverage store more and more popular, your experience and management ability will become more and more mature. Is it still afraid that the store will not open? Moreover, there are large characteristics, small and small connotations; large luxury, small and exquisite. Although the store is small, the article is still bigger. Although Xiao Zhou’s juice shop is small, he pays attention to the decoration of grape vines in the room, embellishment with flowers, and adjusting with soft music. It can be said that this is exactly the big article made with a small victory.

    In general, the drinking stores in the classification and definition of my country’s catering industry have the following characteristics:

    (1) It must have food or beverage supply and target customer group. Safe and healthy foods, relaxed environments or atmosphere, fixed places, accurate positioning of target customers, demand for customer differences and expectations, these are necessary conditions for a beverage store.

    (2) Labor -intensive industry. In the beverage store, manual operations are required regardless of any link, and the deployment arrangement of human resources is one of the main tasks for operators.

    (3) Most of the operators operate by themselves. As far as the current situation of the drinking industry is concerned, beverage stores are mainly based on husband and wife shops or relatives and friends. The shops and production equipment of beverage stores are obtained by the operators’ own funds. The owner operates independently and negatives. Small business is a major feature of my country’s current beverage industry.

    (4) The production and sales are carried out at the same time. Compared with the separation of production and sales in other industries, the beverage industry is the real direct sales industry. From purchasing raw materials, processing and production to sales transactions, and consumer services, it is carried out at the same time. Therefore, objective production capacity is subject to large restrictions on the number of customers and seasons and climate.

    (5) Raw materials and finished products are easy to corrupt. During the production and sales link, the product is greatly affected by consumption objects. If the product cannot be sold in time, it will be corrupted or deteriorated. The way to deal with corruption is that the number of production is slightly more than the consumption, minimizing the remaining, and the remaining products are accelerating sales at a lower price. This is similar to some bakery. For normal business hours, the bread is sold at the original price. After 8 o’clock in the evening, the bread is sold at half price.

    (6) Season and time have a greater impact on turnover. Due to the constraints of product characteristics, beverage stores have formed the characteristics of summer peak and winter as off -season. There will also be climax and trough business differences at different time periods every day. The operator should increase the types of beverages in response to this phenomenon, break through the limitations of season and time, and expand sales.

    Of course, it is not possible to operate a drink store. It is not possible to make some basic drinks. We must make our own characteristics to attract more customers.

    It some beverage stores operate mainly all kinds of ice cream and cold drinks. Although very simple, the characteristics are very distinctive. style. These beverage stores are suitable for 340 square meters. The equipment is not much different from ordinary beverage stores. It is mainly necessary facilities and supplies, plus freezer and ice.

    In order to make the types of ice cream and cold drinks in the store more abundant and more attractive, you must often read all kinds of cooking books and learn and learn from the master of the big beverage store to create some characteristic. Fruit juice, ice cream and cold drinks. There are many beverage stores in spring and summer business. Once they enter the winter, the business suddenly falls. To this end, to change the operating strategy, under the premise of maintaining the unchanged direction of the operating drinks, it is adjusted accordingly, and the operating content in winter will be adjusted accordingly. In other seasons, it is still based on the supply of all kinds of ice cream and cold drinks. When the weather turns cool, it is changed to supply heat milk, porridge, etc., which effectively relieves the deserted winter.

    Drinks are very seasonal products. The store can also add snacks in the store to make up for the loss caused by insufficient drink sales and make money for the month.

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