3 thoughts on “What software does Chengdu construction site worker recruitment workers?”

  1. The construction industry contractor is recommended to use the fish bubble network app!
    The fish bubble network platform can locate the current city. Using the workers or team leaders can intuitively and quickly choose the workers who match the matching, communicate directly with the workers and improve the efficiency of employment. Construction workers can quickly find nearby work, no longer need to run eastward, and improve the efficiency of finding work.
    This web platform at the same time requires the real name system of both parties to lay the foundation for each other’s trust. Although the real -name system is more troublesome, it is more realistic to make recruiters find living information.

  2. Now is the Internet era. Many things can be done without leaving home, and finding a job is no exception.有很多建筑工人专用的招工找活APP,例如吉工家,工种齐全,海量招工信息任您挑选,除了招工信息,您还可以自行发布找活信息,介绍清楚自身情况(如:工种、地区、 Work age, etc.), let the boss come to you, very fast and convenient.

  3. Uh, if this construction site is a worker, the workers are recruited, they actually do not use the software. Generally, it is an engineering team, and a engineering team has it. For example, how many people know this project, and how many people are followed by this organization.

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