5 thoughts on “What are the commonly used enterprise address book?”

  1. You can use nails,
    It in the communication records of nail enterprises, you can quickly find colleagues of the same company. You can initiate a chat without adding friends. The method is as follows:
    mobile phone end: [Calculation] -The [Organization structure]
    computer end: left side [Contact]-[Organization structure]
    In the organizational structure, it may not be displayed in the organization. It may be that the department or the team has only themselves, or the corporate administrator has set up a visible range of the address book. It can be seen that people outside the scope cannot see the hidden persons or departments.

  2. Enterprise levels are also divided into many types!
    The key is to look at the company’s applicable to that kind!
    If with nails and OA office. Choose a Nail Enterprise Calculation! The scale is relatively large! It is a bit complicated!
    It simple and easy to use, it can be satisfied by opening, cloud wings and the like.
    Is to adopt ~

  3. It is recommended to use Alibaba’s nails, and our company is using it.
    In employees can import the enterprise address book in batches for unified management,
    The functional relationship clearly shows that the organizational structure is very clear,
    colleague information can be quickly found, you can chat directly without adding friends,
    also has external contact functions, and corporate customers, channel vendors, and suppliers are maintained uniformly among external contacts.
    It use nails to make our business management communication more efficient.

  4. The Corporation’s corporate enterprise address book software makes full use of the mobility of the mobile terminal, facing the entire staff of the enterprise, and provides query and communication of corporate address book anytime and anywhere to achieve an extension of the enterprise address book on mobile phones. It has reduced the troubles of employees to store and update colleagues’ office phone numbers on their mobile phones. The administrator only needs to upload the communication record file through the background management platform. The latest address book information will be updated to employee mobile phones. Good assistant! Due to the large number of corporate employees and the frequency of daily business exchanges, all colleagues’ office telephones or mobile numbers are not stored on their mobile phones.

  5. You can use connection, the characteristics are as follows:
    The applicable surface: the product is suitable for group, cross -regional, and multi -departments government agencies, enterprises and institutions, supporting the number of contacts can reach 1 million, and supports batch import.
    Fast search: For the entire member of the unit, you can quickly find all employees according to the phone number, name, pinyin abbreviation or full spelling, call one click, send text messages.
    Calloly caller ID: Even if there are no employees in the mobile phone, they can display the names, avatars, gender, and departmental positions of the caller screen display to ensure that all employees in the unit understand each other.
    All staff notice: Quickly issue all notification announcements, and even choose to receive the specific departments and designated personnel to check the remaining marks.
    The SMS group sending: Provide a holiday group sending text message greeting function.
    Cope accurate information: The special person is updated to the address book, the maintenance is simple, and the address book is guaranteed in a timely manner.

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