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What is the hydrolysis of Malay anhydride – europuppyblog

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  1. Malayside molecular formula: C4H2O3 molecular weight: 98.06 Properties: white or slightly yellow granular or chip crystalline, easy to be sublimated, irritating smell, exposed to the air that is easily transformed into corrosive orblene dilate.
    性质:又称顺酐、马来酸酐.白色斜方形针状结晶.熔点52.8℃.沸点202℃,160℃(26.7kPa,200mmHg),闪点103℃.相对密度1.314.溶于乙醇、乙醚、 Acetone, chloroform, 1,4-epoxy hexagonal, slightly soluble in tetrachloride and coarse gasoline, react with water and alcohol reactions to generate acid and ester. Run, oxidation, hydrolysis, hydrogen, hydrogenation, ester, polymerization, co -agglomeration, heterogeneity, salt and other reactions. There are two main industrial production methods. One is benzene oxidation method, with benzene as raw materials. Below, air oxidation is creened. The other is butane oxidation method. There is an important organic chemical raw material for organic synthetic, pesticides, coatings, medicine, assistance in organic synthesis, pesticides, coatings, medicine, medicine, In industries and other industries, produce organic chemical products such as 1,4-butanol, γ-butthite, tetrahydrofuu, amber acid and other organic chemical products, unsaturated polyester, alcoholic acid and other resin, as well as certain pesticides, medicine intermediates, etc. n, it can be seen that the Malay acid anhydride is decomposed by water, and the decomposition product is: c4H4O4 (C4H4O4).
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