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  1. The proportion is more than 45%.
    The online channels for the domestic perfume industry have dominated, and traditional brand stores and counters are micro -type. At present, 63%of consumers choose to buy perfume products online, of which the flagship store on the comprehensive e -commerce website accounts for 29%. In summary, the official channels of the brand occupy the main position both online and online: the total brand counters of offline brand stores account for 25%, and the online brand flagship store, official website and applets account for 38%, which shows that consumers are consumers Trust the official direct sales channel when buying perfume.
    The perfume is a mixture formed by the alcoholic solution, add an appropriate amount of spices, etc. It has a fragrant and strong aroma. The main function is spraying on plackets, handkerchiefs and hairlines. It exudes pleasant aroma and is one of the important cosmetics.
    The perfume industry structure has been established in China’s perfume industry. From upstream raw materials manufacturing, to midstream brand design, research and development, production, and distribution of downstream multi -channel distribution, it supports the vigorous development of the entire perfume industry.
    According to the survey, more than 300 new products are listed in the global perfume industry each year. In the women’s perfume segment, according to sales, women’s perfume accounts for 54.8%, men’s perfume accounts for 31.5%, and other types of perfumes account for 13.7%.
    The frequency of perfume consumers in Chinese perfume is higher. Among them, perfume consumers use the highest proportion of perfume per day, 51.5%. 29.5%of consumers use at least 3 perfumes a week, and the proportion of users used every day on working days also reached 15.6%.

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