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  1. At present, Shanghai Songxia rubber shock absorber has been widely used in various industries, and its performance is also very important. It can prevent the equipment from vibrating damage during continuous operation, but also ensure reducing equipment noise. These two points themselves prove their importance, so many equipment now cannot be separated from rubber shock absorbers. So, what are the knowledge of rubber shock absorber worth learning? This is because of its characteristics and performance.
    1. Rubber shock absorber is strong and adapts to various temperature environments. Oil, water, and solvents are corroded and are not affected by temperature changes. It is suitable for high and low temperature, large temperature difference, high pressure, high vacuum, strong radiation, severe vibration and corrosion.
    2. The invention has the characteristics of large static compression rate, low inherent frequency, good vibration -proof performance, non -aging, creep and other characteristics. It can be produced in batches and does not affect product performance. In addition, the spring is processed by heat treatment, ED rust, and paint. The deflection is 20mm and 40mm. It can effectively eliminate the vibration of mechanical structure, facilitate product level adjustment and adjustment, and effectively eliminate floor vibration.
    3. The life of the shock absorber is long. Its design is ingenious and reasonable, sturdy and durable. The surface is processed by anti -rust. The bottom cushion is designed with non -slip design. It is soft and hard. The side rubber is generally soft and wear -resistant, which can ensure long service life. Use original use. Suitable for shock absorption, shock absorption, sealing, filtering, throwing, sound absorption, noise reduction, etc.

  2. The shock absorber mainly has internal characteristics and external characteristics.
    The external specialty refers to the resistance-displacement characteristics and resistance-speed characteristics of the vibrator;
    ers to ensure external characteristics, the reasonable design and necessary parts of the valve system in the structure are required Process accuracy. The characteristics in the shock absorber are characterized by the pressure difference and flow formed by the vibrator oil to the valve system.

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