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  1. The implementation plan of the team
    The team construction implementation plan. Building a powerful team is often inseparable from an excellent plan. The plan is a very complicated content in the plan, but it is also very effective. Team construction implementation plan.
    The team building implementation plan 1. Scientific establishment of team goals
    The team goals must have incentives, which is a concentrated manifestation of the interests of team members. Determine the general goals of the management center operation index and management indicators, the management center will decompose the “Annual Business Opinion Responsibility Letter”, give the corresponding target responsibility to the department, class, position, individual The letter of responsibility is clear, the division of labor is clear, and the responsibility is clear.
    2. Establishing team values ​​
    The team is the stage of each member. Individual respect and satisfaction cannot be separated from the team. Therefore, it is necessary to advocate a good team atmosphere of gratitude and caring for others within the team. Emotional investment to enhance employees’ sense of belonging and centripetal force. Respect the self -worth of employees, organically unify the team value with the personal value of the employee, the cohesion of the team will be formed, and the common value of the team can be achieved through individual activities.
    (1) Carry out a series of caring employees and caring for others. The living environment, such as water heaters, televisions, electric fans, etc. for employee dormitories, keep employees in a good mood;
    (2) Encourage employees’ amateur learning. Strengthen property training, encourage employees to use their spare time to learn technology in workshops, improve other aspects of skills, and guide healthy and scientific life style;
    (3) Organize employees and customers and brothers to jointly organize friendship to enrich my amateur life. Promote unity assistance.
    (4) Every festival, the management center organizes gala activities to let employees feel the family’s affection in person;
    (5) regularly hold an employee symposium to understand the ideas of employees in time, encourage employees to talk to The work of the management center makes various suggestions.

    3. Cultivation of the high sense of trust among members of the team
    (1) There is no jealousy among team members
    “jealousy” is the key factor affecting the team building, eliminating team members The psychology of “jealousy” and “competition loses him” must first be used as a basic professional moral quality requirements when selection of team members, and secondly to guide members to cultivate a healthy psychology of unity and cooperation; The exposure of self
    The atmosphere for employees to show self -disclosure of self -disclosure, such as regular activities such as barbecue, party, KTV and other forms, so that employees can enjoy carnival, reveal themselves, and let employees in joy in joy Discover your own defects, and change your defects in joy;
    make full use of the Japanese review opportunities to create opportunities for employees to show themselves, so that employees can fully expose problems and some ideas in work to create a happy life The atmosphere of joyful work makes employees feel comfortable even under huge work pressure.
    (3) Faithful confidence in the professional and ability of employees
    The confidence in employees is to encourage and affirm them. Employees are the wealth of the enterprise. I believe that employees are the key to opening wealth.
    (4) The full disclosure of the information
    This of the team information is the main factor that causes team members to guess and doubt each other. Establish an information bar, a glorious list, document transmission book, etc., so that every employee can understand the team’s information in a timely manner, especially the company’s rules and regulations, personnel information, prize and penalty information, good people and good things, job competition, performance assessment, etc. An employee clearly understands what happened in the team and establishes a sense of “master”.
    4. Leadership of team leaders
    Excellent team leaders will keep the team highly consistent. Team leaders are good at managing people, educating people, and employment. At the same time, team leaders must strengthen their cultivation of their own quality and ability and continuously improve the level of leadership.
    (1) For example,
    team leaders are the benchmark for team members. The Maritime World Management Center must first do what employees are required to do, such as attendance, holiday duty, etiquette specifications, etc., managers must make examples to play a model.
    (2) Participate in
    The team building should be in groups. All members need to participate together. As the leaders of the team, they must use various methods to fully mobilize employees’ enthusiasm and participate in team building together.
    (3) Leading team learning
    The concepts of advocating “work learning, learning work” and “team learning”, improving the initiative and consciousness of employees’ learning, and adhering to post learning and talent.
    5. Establish a sound and effective management system and incentive mechanism
    The sound management system and a good incentive mechanism are the inherent motivation for team spirit formation and maintenance. At the same time, the cultivation of team values ​​must also have a standardized management system and effective incentive mechanism.
    (1) accountability system: responsibility to duty, responsibility to others. Let all employees understand what time, location, what to do, how to do, to what extent, etc., to enhance the employee team’s sense of responsibility.
    (2) Limited time handling System: Refine the daily work of the service, determine the person in charge, the time limit for handling, and ensure the quality of service.
    (3) Employee incentive system: set up outstanding leader awards, excellent employee awards, gold ideas awards, enthusiastic star awards, forgenary star awards, meticulous star awards, dedication star awards, spiritual style awards, business skills, business skills Award, management and progress award, management innovation award, outstanding contribution award, and grievance award and other 13 months awards. By inspiring the enthusiasm, creativity, and dedication of employees by motivating the employees. Employees have been transferred or eliminated, and they are constantly optimizing team members.
    The team construction implementation plan 2. When the team’s cohesion is lacking, when the employee’s mood is sluggish
    employee operating time is inevitable to be lazy and even selfish, the original enthusiasm will gradually decline over time; forests There are all birds when they are old. Everyone has no conflict, opinions, and complaints. In a unchanged environment, it is difficult to deal with these problems by relying on inherent communication methods; When you can’t see the company’s way out and personal, you can’t feel the warmth of the team, and there will be a way to change the post to resign. Therefore, in this case, everyone will do outdoor training together, eat together together The slogan singing team song and completing the project together, communication, coordination, and team cohesion can be expressed, challenging the intention of self and melting teams, work enthusiasm and work attitude will also change.
    . The graduates who have entered the new unit, the graduates who have just entered the society, or the person who can never use their knowledge at work at work is well used in practice Team spirit, advocate sharing. For newcomers who have just arrived in the new company, a team with affinity allows them to gain confidence and enhance communication and coordination; and for those who cannot “learn”, the discussion and sharing of outdoor training teams communicate with each other is not just, not only Being rich and renewal of their own knowledge structure can also help cultivate their talents to consider problems independently. These have positive results for inspiring how they tap their potential, express their advantages, and have a positive effect.

    . The manager who is in high school, long -term intense work, thinking falls into some kind of inertial form
    Outdoor training experience is educated, providing learners with relaxed and natural learning The atmosphere, and set up a task that is more challenging, passionate at the same time, and fun. This has a great role in adjusting and reconstruction of their own knowledge structure, making the thoughts re -run high -speed operation, and new sparks.
    This in indoor lecturers know that the mature hardware of the employees is the hardware of the employees, and the outdoor training makes the employees unite to become a common struggle. Everyone can summarize the learning process as the following. Formula: (real knowledge) = (knowledge) (experience) (thinking) (guidance) (implementation) experience in learning is an indispensable one in outdoor training. course.
    It to make students grow in experience is an important process. Therefore, we think that teaching and outdoor training are complementary. Outdoor training after lectures is a kind of relaxation and enjoyment, and it is also a deposit of knowledge experience.
    -The teaching technology of the unblocked leader has merged the elements of high challenges and low challenges, providing a good way for the company’s team construction. After outdoor training, the trainees can understand their own potential, enhance self -confidence, defeat the psychology Lazy, exercise to defeat the difficult will, and cooperate more harmoniously with collective cooperation, make the company team more tighter and stable.
    Is to a qualified employee must first have corresponding knowledge and technology, and in addition to knowledge and technology, an excellent employee also needs a good understanding. Human behavior, motivation, ideological activities, and behavioral models are the main factor affecting human value.
    The rapid development of the team construction implementation plan. The rapid development of the company is inseparable from the team’s efforts and efforts. A good team has a rare role in the development of the company, but how to build the best team construction? Let Teacher Zhou X explain in detail for us.
    Share guests: XX, known as X Brother, XX, Teacher, Chairman of Hangzhou Jingde Biotechnology Co., Ltd., 14 -year -old speakers’ actual combat experience. Marketing, once published a tabloid on the street, and accidentally contacted Mongolia. Because it was simple, it caused himself and partners to return.
    20XX’s second entrepreneurial business, continued to participate in the health care industry, contact Luo Xintong, and courage to innovate to make him the first bucket of gold. In 20xx, he created his own Sanhe team. In one year, he built a transaction amount of 200 million yuan, and then wandered in the national market with 311 and 411.
    Oshi how to integrate Chinese culture to team building?
    The era of husband and wife has become the past. How can there be a complete team system to make the team grow rapidly? ——Wen network. Regarding the team building, I have to mention the famous Japanese entrepreneur, Inamori, he once sent the four words of Ma Yun: a good day.
    How how wealth can a person create, whether the company can continue to develop depends on the personality charm of corporate leaders. Inamori said: Human wealth stems from morality and cultivation. Kazakhstan Inamori has participated in the SAIC, who has participated in the bankruptcy, and has made the Japanese Airlines die back into the world’s best airline within half a year. His method is to do good day by day. All Japanese Airlines employees do what they have contributed to society, sweeping the road and doing volunteers. Eventually recognized by society.
    Corphic and boss pattern also depends on whether the company can sustainable development.

    The measure of a person’s success:
    The first, the wealth index, that is, the net asset.
    The second, social contributions, how much contribution to society, what did employees do, how much for others.
    Third, social influence, no matter how big you do in a certain field, as a whole society, we are still very small.
    Hang people will not succeed casually. Every big coffee in the health industry has gone through decades of storms, issuing leaflets, posters, placing shops, receiving orders, visiting customers, and counting countless dispersed integration. Only today’s results, I hope that each of us will cherish.
    . The saying goes, “Live to learn to be old, live to sixty.” People must continue to learn the philosophy of life, and if they cannot handle interpersonal relationships, they cannot solve worldly problems. Confucius said that he had to have love and told people not to be selfish, and to consider everything for others.
    For example, employees, care about whether employees eat and live, whether their parents are healthy, and whether employees have stable emotions recently. The heart of benevolence is to think for others. If you think for employees, employees think for customers, customers will think for the company, and customers think for the company for the company’s interests. Without benevolence, the company team will not have long -term development.
    The enterprise has a corporate culture, and the boss has the way of the boss. If the leadership is not right, there is no good example, and employees will change jobs. Because there is no future, thought and mind cannot be infected with employees. If you want to build a good team, you must learn to think in other places. Standing from the perspective of others, the team will have cohesion.
    Why did Zhao Zilong and Guan Yu look down on Liu Bei? Because Liu Beiyi is the head. In Changsaka’s stop, Zhao Yun carried Adou on his body and killed the siege safely among hundreds of thousands of troops. Seeing Zhao Zilong’s bloody blood. Liu Bei said: “Brothers and mothers can ask again, the son can regenerate, there is only one brother, what are you?” This is the righteousness, the boss should have the righteousness.
    If the family’s family is sick, the boss will send a 500 red envelope to the employee, and the employee must follow you. Employees are uncomfortable. As leaders, they should be concerned. The leader is righteous, and the employees brought out are definitely not bad. If the leadership and employees survive all flickering, this wealth will never last long. The righteousness of corporate leaders means mind, a corporate team created by righteousness is indestructible!
    The enterprise should cultivate more employees’ wisdom. Genius is encouraged rather than strike. It’s like a childhood, the more brave will be more brave. For example, some basketball stars, they have been encouraged by the world. So properly go to employee training. The Nokia and Motorola of that year were all the rage. The company was too conservative and did not know learning innovation, but was defeated by competitors. The biggest benefit to employees is not money rewards. Wisdom is the greatest benefit for employees.
    The reputation is particularly important no matter where you go. Enterprise investment should talk about credit, do credit, promise employees to talk about credit, and promise customers to talk about credit. The dealers are now complaining that the goods cannot be sold and the employees cannot control it. Why? Because the credit has been severely overdraft, customers no longer believe it. Because of this, companies have declined with their performance, employees are dissolved, and customers lose their credit. Companies will be bankrupt without credit, the team will dissolve without credit, and the country will be isolated without credit.

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