Where is the largest board wholesale market in Zhejiang

I want to open a board in Huzhou to zero. Where can I purchase the cheapest
is wood?

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  1. For wood, one is to look at your variety, and the other is to see the size of your shop. If there is a large warehouse and make a hand, you can do it in a variety of. There is the largest plywood market.

    It if it is not so powerful, you can find the provincial capital -level agent to contact, fixed -point wholesale, they deliver the goods to the door, you can wholesale it again. Generally, it is a long time. There are certain arrears and accounting periods.

    It Huzhou you can also consider Shanghai’s wholesale building materials wholesale market first.

    The professional market you searched online, If you look closely, you can find a stable and reliable supplier.

    Is to go smoothly!

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