There are very few customers in Shenzhen Yokoguo glasses. Why didn’t we usher in the economic recovery of the post -epidemic era?

5 thoughts on “There are very few customers in Shenzhen Yokoguo glasses. Why didn’t we usher in the economic recovery of the post -epidemic era?”

  1. There are few customers in Shenzhen Yokoguo glasses. Economic recovery refers to a large -scale economy, but compared to this small -scale situation, there must be some special possibilities, because the industry of the eyes is not a popular benefit to benefit from the public. Brands may be sold more about glasses in the summer, but this year, because everyone will not go out because the epidemic will not be sold, so that we can know that usual, our myopia mirrors and old flower mirrors can be known. Sales may be relatively small, because the profit in the eyes of the eyes is sunglasses, so if there is no such good market in summer, then the situation can be imagined.
    In fact, when we do some trading, the glasses industry we see is still more violent, but although it is said that it is not possible to say that it is so much comparison. Maybe the glasses may be this Most of them will use things, but in recent years, we may have fewer and stronger people who buy glasses for myopia in recent years.
    Is the current outbreak, then our entire in -depth environment and situation are not particularly good, which will cause most of these shops to sell well, especially such eye shops. It was originally based on summer sales, but this situation may not be particularly ideal now.
    This on the row of glasses, then we usually do not just look at a series of more eyes such as myopia lenses, old flowers, sunglasses, etc., we care more about cost -effectiveness, so due to the rise of online shopping, the current glasses industry is now in the rise of online shopping industry. It is not very good. Many glasses on the Internet are also very cheap. We can also buy back the frame to make glasses. Then we see that there are very few customers in Shenzhen Yokoguo glasses. Because, this year’s situation is itself.

  2. Before that, the country will now increase employment opportunities, so that ordinary people can make money. If you have money, you can promote economic recovery. It is impossible for ordinary people to have no money at hand.

  3. The impact of the epidemic on physical stores is too great. The real economy cannot recover for a while and a half, and the impact of e -commerce during the epidemic is even more difficult.

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