5 thoughts on “How about the quality of Dr. Longhua in Shenzhen? Why is the price expensive?”

  1. The prices are indeed expensive. There are many Shenzhen chain stores. Services and technology are very average. In general, the price is not high. I often improve the price or use other cheap products to do activities, which is almost the same as that of non -activities, and it feels like deceiving consumers.
    Min I used to go to class in the glasses shop in Shenzhen. Like the aristocratic glasses, Gogo glasses, and treasure island glasses. I can analyze it for reference only.
    aristocratic glasses: Generally in Tianhong Shopping Mall, the shopping mall is very high and has to be expensive. The same brand is about 30%more expensive than ordinary stores, and I have compared. Professional services are also average. Normally less activities.
    Gallon glasses: The service majors are okay, and there are not many chain stores. In Shenzhen, it is old -fashioned, and there are still many old customers. The price is lower than that of Dr.. Compared to doctors, Gordon’s cost performance is higher. Normally less activities.
    Treasure Island glasses: can be done in other parts of China. There is basically no fame in Shenzhen, and there are very few branches in Shenzhen. But the service of Baodao is really good, the professional level is average, but it is better than the doctor (I feel). In terms of price, there is a doctorate. It is possible for people who spend money to buy services. There are more activities at the event. There is no influence in Shenzhen. Most activities are inevitable. However, the activity is just attracting consumers. The profit inside is similar to that of the event.
    I suggest that you can go to some emerging glasses shops in Shenzhen to see. I am talking about a relatively large chain glasses shop. Although not too famous, the service and professionalism are not bad. Several prices are mainly cheap to attract more old customers. The cost performance is relatively high. Moreover, several brands in the store are brand products (many of the high -profile stores are placed in the factory to make their own brands. Many of them are famous products, and they are huge profits. You can find many brands in the store. Don’t consider small shops or those unsatisfactory stores. The price is chaotic, the price is sold high, and the price is worth it. Many of some of the more famous products are fake goods (there is no way, because these shops do not dare to have to sell real goods). Therefore, buying high -end or going to a regular store can rest assured that first -class stores will be more expensive, and second -class stores are a bit discount. The price of high -end goods nationwide is basically uniform. There are also those glasses supermarkets, affordable glasses, and glasses. Basically deceptive. The price is cheap, but it is basically a garbage product (probably the purchase of the pound). The goods are so garbage, don’t mention services and majors. Where so cheap will give you well. That is to say, there will be shadows in your heart to buy you. If you don’t care, you can choose the cheapest one.
    Okay, that’s it. I have a suggestion. I have been doing in Shenzhen’s glasses industry for 5 years, and I basically learn more about Shenzhen’s glasses. Now make clothing by yourself, or make money fast.

  2. Dr. Eye is a brand!
    The brand is expensive! Why not?
    In fact, the quality is general, but there are few fakes! The quality is good, the cost performance is not good! In fact, many of the glas you listed are the same.

  3. The same glasses are not as good as going to LOHO glasses in the doctoral match. The cost -effective is quite high. Just on the 13th floor of China Resources Wanjia

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