5 thoughts on “Where can I go with glasses in Shenzhen?”

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    It, go to the doctor of glasses, the service is okay, it is a bit expensive.
    The experience is fine. It is okay to test the optometry. The only experience is that it is inconvenient to bring glasses, huh.
    The best test once a year. The degree will deepen.

  2. The 619A of the 6th floor of Zhongwei Plaza in Dongmen Pedestrian Street is very professional. The boss’s attitude is very good! Intersection And the cheapest glasses shop nearby! I went to Fu Xin last time! The frame lens cost 120 yuan! Intersection Intersection

  3. The competition in Shenzhen’s glasses industry is not too fierce, so the price has always been very high. Asia and doctoral mirrors have too much moisture. I have been with a few doctors and every time I have been around a thousand yuan.
    It the ones on the sixth floor of McDonald’s on the intersection of Huaqiangbei and Hongli Road, the cost performance is very good.

  4. Quality assurance, you have a after -sales service to any glasses shop in Shenzhen.
    It -priced doctoral glasses, Treasure Island glasses are pretty good, but the price is more expensive.
    The office building mode Hong Kong LOGO glasses, cheap glasses, these prices are more affordable
    above is the personal experience in Shenzhen, hoping to adopt it.

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