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  1. Anyone who does business is not easy to say, every line is not easy, especially when you first joined the industry.
    The second -hand recycling (selling) This industry is actually making money. Although I always hear high -priced recycling second -hand household appliances or something, in fact the price is not high, and the difference is the difference. For example, after a TV recycling, To check and see where the TV is bad, the bad strictness is not serious. After the repairs are renovated, sell it before it is sold. Don’t underestimate the price of this second -hand renovation TV, it will still not be very low, but it is cheaper than the new one. So someone will still buy it.
    The second -hand recycling, it is not important to sell things. How many things can be recycled is the focus, because you don’t have to worry about no one to buy your things. Give you.

  2. It should be easy to do, which depends on where you are doing second -hand electrical business, so it is important to choose the address and the customers facing the customer. For example:
    It should be good for business to do second -hand electrical appliances with more places to gather more electrical appliances, because these migrant workers often move or change jobs often. If you buy some new appliances The second -hand electrical appliances are given to these people, good quality, cheap, and if it is not convenient to move when moving, it won’t feel too unfortunate, so if the second -hand electrical appliances are targeted at these customer groups, it should be very good.

  3. Market business opportunities are everywhere! For home appliance manufacturers, user demand is very different, so there will be market space from new machines to refurbished machines and two mobile phones. The key is to find the target user.

    Changwei || Confusion

    In recent years, the maintenance of home appliances is getting worse and worse. On the one hand, the service price of home appliances is opaque and the service experience is not good. Many users are afraid of being slaughtered and slowly do not repair it; on the other hand, the appearance and functions of many appliances are too fast, especially a large number of small appliances appliances The price is cheap, and a large number of young generations of mainstream users are willing to replace them.

    , there are some home appliance dealers, as well as home appliance maintenance vendors that the miscellaneous small home appliances are not worth repairing, and brand manufacturers are even repaired. Explore “replacement of repairs”. Many home appliances are now updated with technology, but often lack accessories, allowing the maintenance industry of home appliances to fade rapidly.

    , when the home appliance maintenance industry continues to decline, a large number of home appliance manufacturers have launched a new policy of “replacement repairs”, which will generate a large number of home appliance refurbished machines. At the same time, some home appliance dealers at home appliances In the process of maintenance and “replacement with the old”, a large number of waste appliances will also be recovered. Some repair can also be used after renovation. Over the years, “second -hand home appliances” have also been sold in the market, and the scale is not small.

    So, for the “official renovation machine” led by the home appliance factory, as well as the “second -hand home appliances” led by home appliance dealers and service providers, what is the market business in these years? Is it like the home appliance maintenance industry, caught in a mud pit that falls or sluggish? Many people in the industry told the home appliance circle: whether it is an official turnover or second -hand home appliances, it has not been released through public channels for many years. And business is operating. Therefore, the market is not as big as expected, and naturally it will not be greatly impacted.

    . The official refurbished machine has actually been monopolized by professional businesses or channels. Not just small appliances, including a large number of people’s electric products, mainly because some products appear “bumps” during transportation. After returning to the factory for maintenance and testing, it is basically 90 % of the new products, but it will pass specific channels, but it will pass specific channels. Selling users who are not harsh on product performance, even customers with some commercial and engineering channels. The operators of these official turning machines are very close to home appliance companies, either local business partners, or early merchant partners to build enough trust before being allowed to sell “official renovation machines” by enterprises.

    However, for the “official refurbished machine” of home appliance companies, new sales channels have appeared in recent years: one is to directly sell to internal employees at a cheap price through the internal purchase meeting of the enterprise. Because the number is not large, the social relationship and connections of internal employees will soon be sold out. The other is to directly indicate the new and old specifications and colors of the product directly through the second -hand trading platform, such as Ali’s leisure fish, the turn of the 58 city, and the shooting of JD.com.

    The employees within many home appliance companies, as well as employees of upstream supply chains or downstream dealers in home appliance companies, belong to people familiar with the matter, are “official turning machines”, and even some new home appliances “test machines” The main target customers. Earlier, some “counterfeit home appliances” under the name of big brand officials and test machines also appeared in the market. These years have basically “disappeared” in the market.

    . Secondly, second -hand home appliances have also been in the past 20 years, many home appliance merchants, as well as the source of profit and business support of service providers. However, the biggest problem that has always existed in the second -hand home appliance market, with a low reputation of fish and dragons. A large number of second -hand appliances are unknown, unclear, and the quality and services after the sale are mainly based on the reputation, reputation, and even conscience of some home appliance dealers. This also brings new problems. The second -hand appliances have been operating in the “gray area” in the Chinese market over the years. The target market is not in the normal purchase of home users, or some restaurants and snacks on the roadside. Business places are either the use of some third -party rental markets or some temporary transitional venues.

    Over the years, around the “second -hand home appliances” products, some users have encountered the most embarrassing facts, that is, the operation is deceived and flickered. Many people buy second -hand home appliances in the “cheap price”, but found that many second -hand home appliances cannot ensure the quality and performance of the product after repair. It is often broken in a few days. This directly affects the market prospects of second -hand home appliances, which also directly causes many home appliance channel vendors with a certain scale and influence. Sales after maintenance.

    It, in some countries and regions, second -hand appliances are sold and sold after maintenance and testing. It is a normal business. It has professional sales channels, quality commitments and service guarantees. However, the current Chinese market’s freedom of second -hand appliances in the state of “letting go” also directly causes the market situation of “inferior coins to expel good coins”. Therefore, compared to the controlled quality of the “official turning machine” led by the factory, a large number of “second -hand home appliances” led by service providers and maintenance providers is facing greater development pressure, and the prospects are not clear.

    The market that is open, diverse, and diverse in the face of China, whether it is an official turnover or second -hand appliances, can find its own target users, and it will also become an enterprise in operating leaning. , Help in the user’s subdivision channel. However, everything needs to be legal and compliant to sustainable!

  4. This line is definitely difficult to do.
    It’s inflation is very powerful, and the household appliances have not increased the price for many years. In fact, the new home appliances are very cheap. There are not many people buying second -hand.
    . The quality of home appliances is generally not as good as many years ago. Many problems will be used in two or three years. If you sell second -hand home appliances, if you can sell it, it may be very after -sales for others. He has a headache, and many of them are looking for you. The money was not made much, and the risks were quite strong.

  5. I don’t think it is easy to do, because now technology is relatively developed, people’s living standards are relatively high, many people prefer new things, and the material culture requirements pursued in this regard will be higher.

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