1 thought on “How to make money from WeChat cosmetics sample group where to find money”

  1. Find a shop.
    is to find those shops that do activities, then find them to do activities and understand the price of purchases. There is a rough impression in my heart, which is convenient for buyers to calculate profits later. Because I have been doing it for a long time, I have compiled some list of shop big names for activities. It is very convenient to do it. Now I can easily find it if I do n’t look at the list. Find a buyer. That is, find these small sample buyers on the idle fish, find customers based on their own profits, and then determine that the customer can not receive it, how much it will receive, and receive the address and telephone information, and then publish the product to the salted fish. If the customer receives a few, how much we put the price link to the customer and wait for the customer to pay, just like the following. Buy goods and ship. After the customer pays the payment, we go to buy a small sample for the customer and send it to the specified address.

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