1 thought on “What are the better beauty skin care WeChat public account or Weibo?”

  1. Today, I will summarize some of the public accounts I usually watch. I hope that the like -minded friends will communicate together. Maybe one day we can walk in front of fashion together. WeChat public account recommendation 1. Late night: The main color makeup skin care star wears, push text is more conscience and real -life test color, the pictures are exquisite, the details are in place, it can predict the trend to provide a variety of choices for girls, text, text, text, text, text, text, text More younger is suitable for young people.

    2, pomegranate report. It is recommended by a cool college female teacher. The most distinctive and main articles are fashionable clothing. The style is a benchmark in Europe and the United States, but it is very close to daily. It is not only the brand’s theory. There will also be some innovative characteristics, gossip summary, star inventory, etc. The logic of the article is clear and simple, and it looks very comfortable and practical. Basically, the publicity of an article a day is clearly written.
    3.if. This is the public who focuses on fashion and celebrities. The founder is the primitive phoenix fashion editor. The fashion function is very deep and the entertainment and fashion resources are very rich. In addition to the depth of the inventory, the brand, dry goods, and many stars such as Yang Yang interview data Essence In addition, the content point of view is very positive, and many views encourage women to be independent, which is a fashionable public attitude.
    Mubo bloggers recommendation 4. GOGOBOI. This is so famous, you should know that there are 6 million bloggers on Weibo. Senior fashion, hot topics followed, inventory is always in place. Blogs are also step by step, from personal interests to doing so. In addition, he has good English, has a close relationship with big brands, media relationships, and many European and American star interviews.
    Summary: Everyone who loves beauty always has what you like.

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