1 thought on “How to remove strangers from WeChat groups out of the group?”

  1. It cannot be set in the WeChat group. You can operate in the WeChat system settings to prevent strangers in the group see your circle of friends. The operation method is as follows:
    1. Open the mobile phone WeChat, find on the [I] page to find this page Set the entrance;

    2, there is a [friend permissions], click;

    3, find the entrance of [Friend Circle];
    4 Strangers look at the ten friends circles] This button is closed, and the closure is gray, as shown in the figure, so that people in the group cannot see our circle of friends.

    5, when others look at it, it will be displayed. If you are a friend, you can see your circle of friends, this setting does not take effect for friends.
    It’s method of the above steps, you can also set permissions to your friends. If you don’t want a friend to view your circle of friends, choose not to let him/her look at the settings.

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