4 thoughts on “What does your customer group look like? How to maintain your customer group?”

  1. How old customers maintain maintenance are a science, but how to start is a responsibility to correctly treat customers’ obligations correctly. When it comes to CRM, many people say that it is very important, but many people do not know how to start, and even a very part of the daily task CRM is to send information for old customers to return home. Many stores have reduced the time and energy of the maintenance of old customers’ relationships to the extent that it is just a short -term interest rate. Obviously, how high his promotion costs should be. If you ca n’t protect your old customers reasonably, what does it mean to attract more about new customers? Looking at it one by one, it ’s a pity that it really spoiled the life -saving money.
    Themids for customers. In the case of the repurchase of old customers, the customer service before sale can understand the preferences of this old customer, post, age group and other information content. Essence How to make new customers become their old customers, which is equivalent to letting a stranger with you as a friend. At this time, the online customer service is the first level. The product is the ultimate feeling. CRM. First give an online customer service a clear and precise positioning. He is a good friend of customers. In the case of receiving customers, think about it, stand on the perspective of good friends, how to give customers the most effective proposal and service items.

    In at the same time, do a good job of combing the customer’s logo, talk about the content of the information in the information in a timely manner, and then label the customer. In the case of touching the person and customers, they can rely on the data -based management service platform to develop the customer’s follow -up link. For example, there is a requirement for the product, but it is not a must -have for customers. Customers who are hesitant to be compared to the target customers. For different types of customers, bring different business and marketing methods, and increase transaction conversion rates. The company can also consume the customer’s personal consumption according to the customer’s personal consumption, clarify the value of the user, and put the customer with a different logo. customer. When a new product is launched or the company releases marketing activities, it is subsequently introduced based on the correlation between the equipment purchased and the new product. When customers are interested in new models, the company can also issue a certain amount of tax preferential policies to promote customer purchase. CRM can help enterprises classify customer information development system software and do a good job of archives. Under the premise of fully understanding customers, they give them targeted service items, and ensure that continuous customer relationship maintenance is guaranteed to be trusted by customers, improving customer stickiness The use value of each customer is sufficient, so that they can create more economic benefits for the company.

  2. All of them are some financial elites and attach great importance to financial management. First of all, we must establish a customer information database, to categorize the customer, and then choose the appropriate time to contact the customer. In some festivals, gifts are given to gifts, to help customers win benefits, do a good job of after -sales maintenance, and often greet them. Stop contact.

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