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What impact does this will bring on the lives of the relevant population? – europuppyblog

4 thoughts on “What impact does this will bring on the lives of the relevant population?”

  1. Today is July 29. According to the latest news, the United States is about to usher in a new wave of economic depression. Recently, the economy around the world has shown a downturn. Many local technology industry companies have also layoffs. It is rare in history. Many local workers have shown a negative attitude. Their pressure on their lives is also very high, especially due to the influence of extreme weather. What impact?

    First, the local technology company faced the response measures of large -scale layoffs facing the economic depression, which caused many employees to oppose it. Their living pressure will significantly increase in local society. Competition is very Fierce, and many companies have recently been affected by the virus before, and the current extreme weather has caused many local technology companies to develop too much research and development funds, and the company has gradually entered a state of losses. Therefore, local science and technology companies are Facing this big crisis, choose layoffs to maintain the status quo, because employees also need to pay salary, which is worse for technology companies in the predicament, but this undoubtedly increases the pressure and economic pressure of the employees. It is difficult to find a job in the case of depression.

    . Second, local technology companies facing the response measures of large -scale layoffs facing economic depression, which will cause a lot of layout employees to switch to other stable industry technology. Earn a lot of money, but once the economy is depressed, this industry will collapse, because in the process of product development and production, the support of funds is inseparable. Therefore, many employees who have been layoffs also realize this. They have escaped from the technology industry, carried out the industry, and went to other relatively stable industries to develop from scratch, which is much better than such an unstable industry now. Therefore, large -scale layoffs are right. The impact of employees is still great.

    The above is my answer, I hope to help you.

  2. It will affect the quality of life of these people, and it will cause many people to be expelled after being expelled, which will not find a job before, will cause people’s quality of life to decline and cause economic crisis.

  3. This will exacerbate the pressure of life of the relevant people, because the current competition is very fierce, many companies have laid off, and the United States inflation has greatly affected the work and life of local residents. At present, the impact of extreme weather is that many companies cannot continue to maintain and face losses. This will make the lives of local residents more difficult and may not live.

  4. It will cause some high -tech talents to unemployment, and even people in the industry will decline. Labor layoffs mean the unemployment of many scientific and technological talents, which is a major loss for the sustainable development of science and technology. In the cold winter, in order to protect themselves, companies will definitely reduce their salary of employees.

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