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  1. Zhengzhou Home Furnishing Mall is the Fummond Home Center, Red Star, Actual, Ou Kailong, Zhongbo Home Home Center. Among them, the Fummond Home Center is a direct sales base for large -scale furniture factories in the central part, with affordable prices and excellent quality. With the three major venues in A, B, and C, it has attracted more than 3,000 furniture manufacturers from Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, and Northeast China to operate and provides 100,000 home products. [Fummond Home Center]

    The buying furniture depends on whether the furniture material is environmentally friendly. This is also the most important point. There are many types of furniture, including solid wood furniture, plate furniture, steel furniture, plastic furniture, fabric furniture, rattan art, and have already popular paper furniture. When choosing, check the quality inspection book to ensure environmental protection.

    For example, choosing solid wood is more environmentally friendly, but the price is relatively expensive. It is best not to choose the artificial board with children and elderly people at home. The furniture of the artificial board is one of the sources of formaldehyde at home. The artificial board is suppressed by mixing with wood fragments, plant fibers and meritaldehyde resin glue. The compounds of urea and formaldehyde in crisisythyde resin glue are unstable in chemical properties. They will gradually decompose in natural state, re -generate formaldehyde, and release them to the surrounding space. Due to the nature of crisisythyde resin, every artificial board furniture has become an endless source of formaldehyde release.

    So the choice of furniture materials is very important. Try to choose reputable furniture manufacturers, or large home malls, not only good quality, but also complete after -sales service. The Fummond Home Center is committed to creating the most cost -effective procurement platform in the central region, bringing more fresh power to the healthy operation of the central furniture industry. Thousands of flagship stores, exhibition halls, and direct stores advocate a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The Forte Mongolian Home Center is located at the intersection of the intersection of Shangdu Road and Mingli Road in Zhengzhou City. Contact number: 0371-86616881.

  2. Zhengzhou Zhengxian Road Wanhe Furniture City, the red apple furniture flagship store on the second floor of the furniture city
    Tel: 0371-66518028

    The red apple furniture store on the first floor of Zhengxian Road Yilong Road, Zhengzhou City
    Tel: 0371-66518534

    The red apple furniture store on the first floor of O’Kailong, Huanghe Road, Zhengzhou City
    Red Apple Furniture Store on the first floor of Hai Road Jiahe Home
    Tel: 0371-68965610

    The red apple furniture store on the second floor of Cultural Road in Zhengzhou City
    Tel: 0371-635696966

    The red apple furniture store on the first floor of the Future Road World Trade Furniture City in Zhengzhou
    Tel: 0371-66388516

    Gamuya, Ou Kailong Second Floor, Zhengzhou City Furniture Store
    Tel: 0371-66761460

    News in Zhengzhou Dongjia Home Furniture Furniture Store
    Tel: 0371-63330030

    Olike Furniture Store on the first floor of Mijia Home in Dongzhou City
    Tel: 0371-63330080

    Oliko Furniture Store, O’Nacolong First Floor, Zhengzhou Cultural Road
    Tel: 0371-63569636

    It Zhengzhou Jinshui Road O’Ne Kailong Second Floor Duo Fabile Stores
    Tel: 0371-66761460

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