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  1. Zhengzhou Home Furnishing Mall is the Fummond Home Center, Zhongbo Home Home Center, Red Star, Actual, Ou Kailong, Red Star Furniture Plaza. Among them, the Fummond Home Center is a direct sales base for large -scale furniture factories in the central part, with excellent quality. In terms of price selection, the price selection plan of the Fummond Home Center is more diverse, and you can also enjoy the discount of direct sales low prices. [Fummond Home Home Center]

    Femonot relying on the international strong capital support, the strong home brand in the United Nations, rising in the prosperous central home market, has three venues in A, B, and C. It attracted more than 3,000 furniture manufacturers from Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan, and Northeast China to operate and provides 100,000 home products. Adhering to the development concept of “Shang Gathering the Four Seas Four Fortune”, we will gather together to build a benchmark for the industry. rnrn经营品类涵盖各式客厅、套房、餐厅、沙发、软床、床垫、各种自用家具和办公家具,新中式、轻奢、后现代、新北欧、意式、 The most stream of home appliances, rectification customization, etc. at all houses should be available, showing the new ideas of lifestyle, unique aesthetics and brand upgrades carried by the home, and under the guidance of the concept of “lifestyle”, the new presentation of “home” and “home” and “” home “and” “home” and ” The chemical reactions generated by life under different arrangements can fully meet the needs of consumer groups at different levels. There are countless families in the six provinces and even the country in the middle of the central parts.

    Me many brand stores in the Fortune Furniture Purchasing Center because of positioning as wholesale and retail. Organizations and other wholesale. These direct -operated stores save many intermediate links to ensure that consumers can enjoy the real “factory price” in the Central Plains.
    Fumon House Center is located at the intersection of the Shangdu Road and Mingli Road in Zhengzhou City. Contact number: 0371-86616881.

  2. Hua Road/Beihuan: Yian Furniture Zhongzhou Avenue/Navigation Road: Oriental International Furniture Square Road/Beihuan: Yian Furniture Zhongzhou Avenue/Navigation Road: Oriental International Furniture Plaza

  3. What are the places in Zhengzhou? You can choose Lepai Home Furnishing, and the place of this furniture belongs to a practice. It is not far from the urban area. It is also very convenient to do it. The change is simple.

  4. What are the places to sell furniture? Zhengzhou’s furniture market is very large. You go to the furniture market in Zhengzhou to buy. She has an apple -row furniture. Everyone knows that he is a big brand. You must not regret buying such a furniture

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