Can anyone tell me what wholesale sofas have in Zhengzhou, except for Zhongbo and Ou Kailong?

I want to distribute the sofa. I heard that the wholesale price of the sofa of the Qili River in Zhengzhou is the lowest in Zhengzhou. Is it true? Who knows ,,,,,,
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4 thoughts on “Can anyone tell me what wholesale sofas have in Zhengzhou, except for Zhongbo and Ou Kailong?”

  1. The Fummond Home Center is very good. The Fummond Home Center is a direct selling base in Zhengzhou’s large furniture factory. The quality is excellent and the price choice solutions are more diverse. In addition, the transportation center of Fummond Home Center is convenient, not far from Zhengzhou East Station, and approaching the entrance of Putian at the Beijing -Hong Kong -Macao Expressway. It is only a 15 -minute drive from Zhengzhou International Airport. [Fummond Home Center]

    First of all, the sofa must be purchased offline. Soft and hard comfort, size, leather color difference, etc., must be experienced by themselves to choose the right one. Secondly, the price of different materials of different materials is huge. Even the sofa of the same material, the leather is divided into various levels, and the design style is very important. It is necessary to choose it in person. It is also recommended to consult more. Reservations provide personalized design, including function, size and color matching.

    Thousands of flagship stores, exhibition halls, and direct stores of the Fummond Home Center advocate a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. The store is carefully decorated and high -end atmosphere, creating a good shopping atmosphere for customers. With nearly 300,000 square meters of large furniture factory direct sales bases, with its strong strength and support policies, it has attracted many domestic powerful brands, and is committed to creating the highest cost -effective procurement platform and brought the healthy operation of the central furniture industry. More fresh power. It is best to choose a reputable furniture manufacturer or a large home mall for buying furniture, which is not only good for quality, but also complete after -sales service. For example, Forte provides one -stop services to make the purchase of furniture more worry -free.
    Fumon House Center is located at the intersection of the Shangdu Road and Mingli Road in Zhengzhou City. Contact number: 0371-86616881.

  2. When you go to the East District, there are several manufacturers sitting on the sofa. You can go there and learn about the market!
    If you want to sell it yourself, contact the manufacturer!

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