What are the main customers of folk financial products?

What are the main customers of folk financial products?

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  1. The so -called financial products refer to various carriers of the process of financial and finance, which include currency, gold, foreign exchange, and securities. That is to say, these financial products are the targets of buying and selling in the financial market. The supply and demand parties form financial products prices through market competition principles, such as interest rates or yields, and finally completed transactions to achieve the purpose of integrating funds.

    The financial products can be classified from different angles. We describe several main classification methods here.

    (1) It can be divided into three categories according to different product forms, namely currency, formal products, invisible products;

    1), currency. With the changes in the currency system, its shape also changes. From physical currency such as shells, cloth, etc. to metal currencies such as gold, silver, and copper, the consignment currency is banknote.

    2), tangible products. There are many types of products, including public bonds, short -term government bonds, foreign bonds, civil bonds, corporate bonds, short -term national treasury bonds, circulation deposit bills, bank acceptance bills, commercial bills, tickets, pre -filled date checks, bonds repaid in physical objects, bonds with prize bonds , Stocks, checks, insurance orders, savings, etc.

    3), intangible products. That is, financial services are generally divided into eight aspects: lending, deposits, foreign services, transfer savings, place or time services, credit services, etc.

    (2) According to the nature of the issuer, financial products can be divided into direct financial products and indirect financial products

    Direct financial products refer to the last lender and the last borrower The use of discretion used directly in financing activities is issued or signed by non -financial institutions such as companies, enterprises, government institutions. There are mainly the following categories: corporate bonds, stocks, mortgage contracts, public bonds, Treasury coupons.

    The indirect financial products refer to the tools used by financial institutions to act as a medium between the last lender and the last borrower and conduct indirect financing activities. There are mainly the following categories: bank vouchers, bank bills, transferable deposits, life insurance, financial bonds, and various debit.

    (3) The length of time for the survival of credit relations can be divided into short -term financial products and long -term financial products

    Short -term financial products generally refer to the repayment period within one year Credit tools in the currency market. There are mainly the following categories: various bills, transferable deposits, and treasury vouchers.

    The long -term financial products refer to credit tools with a repayment period of more than one year. There are mainly the following categories: stocks, bonds, and various funds.

    (4) Different service industries can be divided into: bank financial products, insurance financial products, trust financial products, securities financial products, financial company financial products and leasing financial products.

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