2 thoughts on “Want to take a couple photo, which photography of Bengbu is better?”

  1. Don’t choose Bengbu Black Bing Photography, I have taken it there, super garbage! The background of the magnifying photo of the bedside has no construction garbage, and the covered cover is selected. When it gets the album, it becomes the inner page ~ Then what the customer chooses to do it ~ The clothes are old and outdated. ~ The samples for customers are fake. They are also shameless. They will be fooled by their photographers, and the service attitude is not good. ~

  2. If it is a couple photo suggestion, you can go to the studio to take pictures. The studio generally tailor makeup for guests, instead of being like a movie studio, no matter what you look like, the studio is like an assembly line. I have taken several sets of photos with my friends. I personally think that fashion photography, black ice, likes photography, and wheat fields are better. You can learn about it.

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