How about Bengbu Lilong Photography?

Have you ever taken in the GG, MM, give some suggestions, thank you! Or it is recommended to be better in the photo studio of Bengbu. Thank you for your help! … o (∩_∩) o …

3 thoughts on “How about Bengbu Lilong Photography?”

  1. I have never been in contact with Lizelong Photography. My brother’s marriage last year was a wedding photo taken in True, Compassion, and Beautiful Photography. It was really amazing. However, because of the big deal, the price may be slightly higher. When my brother took a wedding photo and the wedding was very tight, I also gave a lot of good things, and also made a small romantic movie. After watching my daughter -in -law, I also asked me to take a group as soon as possible.
    The above is what I feel after seeing my brother’s photos. I admit that True Shanmei has this technology, you can take the photo to your satisfactory effect.
    But I still want to remind any movie studio occasionally there will be service problems, so I still hope that you can run two more times first, and learn more about the salesman photographer. If you really find the right one, you can find it. Then I think your photos will not be disappointed. Although I recommend this one, I dare not say it. After all, wedding photos are a big deal. The second is that it is the most critical to do not make good mood because of some unpleasant things.
    I I wish you can find a satisfactory answer there.
    I also wish you a happy wedding.

  2. Do n’t go, they have the behavior of deceiving consumers in their stores, and they are asking you if they do n’t pay money. After paying the money, you are waiting for them to

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