5 thoughts on “Can we change the name after the WeChat public account certification?”

  1. The specific operation steps for renamed after the WeChat public account certification are as follows:
    1, Baidu search WeChat public platform, click from the official website to enter.
    2, enter the WeChat public platform, enter the account and password in the login box.

    3, the public avatars in the upper right corner, there is √ indicates that it has been certified.
    4. Click the certification details next to it. The opening page will appear.

    5, click to be re -opened, and you can change the name by 300 yuan.

  2. After the WeChat public account certification is authenticated:
    1. Preparation information: valid documents, operators’ mobile phones, ID card photos, login email, etc.; Named names, non -useful words, and cannot infringe on others;
    3. After the data is ready, you can complete the name modification through “Jieke Technology” and complete it within 1 to 2 working days.
    This reminder:
    If it is a new number just registered, or a number without value, you can also consider registering one without having to change the name.

  3. Yes, but you need to re -authenticate and take the process again, that is, the 300 yuan certification fee you paid last time will be drifted and turned into black. Therefore, from the perspective of reducing costs, try not to change it at will; the same is true from the perspective of gathering fans.

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