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Suggestion: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Parent WeChat group of the Parent WeChat group issued by the document? – europuppyblog

Suggestion: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Parent WeChat group of the Parent WeChat group issued by the document?

5 thoughts on “Suggestion: What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Parent WeChat group of the Parent WeChat group issued by the document?”

  1. Parents WeChat group has good benefits and disadvantages. The advantage is that the school and the teacher have any notices. The parents are clear at a glance that the teachers have to leave all the homework parents. Essence

    This members suggest that the document regulates the parent WeChat group. I think it is necessary and managed in an orderly manner. What kind of things? Some parents are very suitable for grasping. Some parents are like a child. They do not know that they do not affect others in normal times. They always send some unrelated pictures notification links in the group and so on.
    Sometimes I really want to retreat the parents’ WeChat group, but as a student of the students, I ca n’t easily make this hasty behavior, but it ’s a very uncomfortable experience when encountering such parents in a group of people.
    The parent WeChat group, for the notification of the class to see it at a glance, what money should I pay in the school? What new regulations have been introduced? What new policies have the exam, etc., I hope to get notified in the parent’s WeChat group as soon as possible.
    The most important point is to hope that the child’s performance can be evaluated and affirmed from the teacher, and how the recent children’s performance is. This is the benefit of the parents WeChat group to the parents. Effective contact with the teacher.
    The disadvantages of the parent WeChat group are involved in each child, so the teacher’s words and deeds in the parent group, the attitude of speaking, etc. directly affect the parents and children’s face. Sometimes they encounter some individual things. Teachers, teachers, teachers The handling is not full.
    I believe that everyone will encounter similar situations, so in addition to the fact that the parents WeChat group is good for us, there are more or less problems. The teacher treats the child’s attitude and treats parents.
    After all, the original intention of establishing a parent WeChat group is to communicate between parents and teachers in a timely manner, get in touch, and help children improve better.
    has gradually changed the taste. Some parents like to extend the ancestral robes, and keep talking in the WeChat group. What links to the WeChat group every day? Keep discussions, you must know that many people are working time. You have time, please don’t affect others.
    It parents like comparison in WeChat groups, showing off their wealth, and having money is a good thing, but there is no need to get this occasion to show off, which will cause a certain psychological burden and pressure on other parents of other children.
    The people come to school to study and compete with each other. Compared to academic performance, not family conditions. suggestion.

  2. On the one hand, it is convenient for parents and teachers to communicate, and teachers are convenient for assignment. The disadvantage is that many parents have compared with each other in the WeChat group, and delay their parents’ working hours.

  3. The biggest advantage is that it is convenient for teachers and parents of students to communicate with some of them. The bad places are also here, which will promote some bad atmosphere.

  4. Parents’ WeChat groups, first of all, are favorable to facilitate the communication between schools and parents to learn from their children. From an unfavorable aspect, this WeChat group is easy to breed the comparison between parents and the vanity of students.

  5. The favorable place is that parents can communicate with each other and understand the dynamics of their children at any time. If there is a problem, if there is a problem, it will explode in the WeChat group. The teacher is not good. It is difficult to manage management.

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