5 thoughts on “Teachers establish a parent WeChat group. What are the advantages and disadvantages of them?”

  1. 1. WeChat group affects the work and life of parents.
    The children’s learning performance in the class and the release of important dynamic information of the school. Of course, parents are happy to know, but there are always so many information every day in the group, or from parents or students, so that some parents can even work normal work. It is affected by rest, because the information of WeChat group is interfered with you at all times.
    2, consuming mobile phone flow and increasing economic burden.
    Is who are unfamiliar with the Internet are forced to open WeChat and ask for the class WeChat group contacted by home schools. It is inevitable that each month will always consume a lot of Internet traffic. For families with good economic conditions, and families with no monthly online broadband on the Internet, the cost of Internet traffic every month will always be a small expenditure.
    3. Parents are negligent and supervised, and children are obsessed with online games.
    The child can make children come into contact with the network prematurely. Children come back from school every day. There are always excuses to use their parents’ mobile phones to play, not only looking at the information in WeChat groups, or notifications from teachers or speeches from classmates.
    sometimes inadvertently browsed some yellow or violent harmful websites; even downloading mobile games to play, and being maliciously deducted by software, it also made many parents very helpless. In addition, many rural women are illiterate or semi -illiterate. The ability and methods of educating children are originally limited, resulting in the Internet’s obsession and worse.
    4. Increase the child’s chance of suffering from close vision.
    In surveys, the child’s myopia is now closely related to digital products represented by mobile phones.

    extension information:
    First, WeChat group can send pictures and video information in real time, so that parents can understand their children to learn and live in school at school Some information.
    Secondly, it is convenient for teachers and parents to communicate. I also invited teachers from various subjects in the class WeChat group. In this way, teachers can also speak in the group, telling the precautions of this subject, and the cooperation that parents need to do. Essence
    third, convenient for my parents to communicate. In addition to the sending of the school information, the announcement information will also use WeChat group to make notifications.
    Fourth, it is convenient for parents to communicate with parents. Education is not only done by the school on the one hand, but parents are also an important composition of children’s education. An experience of a parent is a rich family education method.

  2. Today, WeChat is the most important tool in social networks. Many teachers and parents have also established WeChat groups, the purpose is to better communicate with teachers and communicate their children. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of the establishment of teachers and parents?
    What are the benefits of first. First of all, establish a WeChat group to facilitate communication and enhance the feelings between teachers and parents. Children will feel uncomfortable when entering and leaving schools. Establishing WeChat groups can not only improve their feelings, but also see the state of the child in school. And now the teacher will arrange homework to the children, and will not let the children copy on the paper as before. Instead, through group issuing notifications, parents can understand the child’s condition in school and the assigned homework as soon as possible to supervise Children complete their homework. In addition, it will prevent children from lying. For example, what fees need to pay in the school, the teacher can issue notice directly in the group. This can avoid some children from deceiving their parents’ money and do something else. In the last point, when the weather changes greatly, parents can also send warm greetings in the group, and they can also allow children to interact in the group, thereby increasing the centripetal force of the class and promoting each other’s feelings.
    The disadvantages of establishing WeChat groups are mainly: the first point will affect the work and life of parents. The teacher will publish in the class. The child’s performance in the class and the important dynamic information of the school. There are many students in each class because they are afraid of missing important news, so they will read the teacher’s group every time. News, so the teacher sent more news in the group, which will cause some parents to be affected in normal work and rest.
    The second point is that the establishment of a WeChat group for teachers and parents will make children addicted to online games. Because the arrangement is in the group, this will allow children to contact their mobile phones in virtual. They always use their parents’ mobile phones to watch the work arranged by the teacher, secretly open the game interface, or some harmful websites, and even accidentally touch the maliciousness accidentally. The deduction software has a bad impact on parents.
    The original intention of the teacher to establish a parent WeChat group is correct, but parents must always supervise their children and make reasonable use of their mobile phones, so as to help their children’s healthy development.

  3. The advantage is that there are many times notifications that are relatively convenient to pass information to parents in time. The disadvantage is that many times parents keep watching the news, which will affect their work.

  4. The advantage is that the teacher can directly contact the parents, and the teacher can directly arrange the homework in the group, and parents can see it. The disadvantage is that this is particularly stressful that parents will be stressed, and the teacher will send a thing, and parents must be echoed with the sound.

  5. The advantage is that if the child has any problems, the teacher can communicate with parents as soon as possible to solve this matter.
    The disadvantage is that some criminals now use WeChat groups to cheat parents ‘money, causing parents’ money to lose money.

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