5 thoughts on “What are the advantages and disadvantages of building a WeChat group for a big family?”

  1. The advantage of building a WeChat group for a big family is that it can enhance the connection between relatives. The disadvantage is that every day you receive a lot of spam information in the group and relatives will compare each other in the WeChat group.
    The family WeChat group built a family WeChat group. In addition to my parents and my parents, there are many relatives who can only see in the New Year. Whenever the New Year, the elders will send red envelopes in the WeChat group. I think this is the happiest time in this group. But in normal times, this group is particularly annoying.
    The elders made the soul chicken soup in the group all day long. The soul chicken soup itself is a good thing, and it can give us the power to us when we lose. But too much soul chicken soup appears in the family’s WeChat group, it will only make people feel difficult to swallow.
    , and the family WeChat group gave relatives a good place to compare. Today, my uncle got a hundred points in the test of his son. Every time I see these children of other people’s homes, I feel indifferent, and I even want to leave this WeChat group.
    Actually I know that the original intention of building a family WeChat group is good. Nowadays, the pace of life is fast. Everyone has their own jobs. Even relatives, there is no chance to contact everyone except for the New Year. At this time, the family group can closer the relative relationship that everyone is increasingly alienated. We can understand how the recent living conditions of everyone can be learned through this group. If anyone needs help, you can also send messages in the WeChat group to make everyone think about it.
    But after a long time, the original intention of building WeChat group was slowly forgotten. I believe that many young people have thought of withdrawing from the family group in the face of information bombing in the family.
    It the emergence of one thing is always beneficial and disadvantaged. If you really want to contact your loved ones, I think everyone still finds some time to chat, and it is better to see a face than a cold mobile phone.

  2. Building a WeChat group for a big family is conducive to everyone’s communication and creating a platform for communication; but a bad thing is that there is something in the group, you say everything, you will say everything, but it will create family contradictions.

  3. Building a WeChat group for a big family can communicate at any time to enhance feelings. Even if everyone is not together, they can often contact and get closer. The disadvantage is that some people will swipe the screen inside and send some nutritious things, which is annoying.

  4. I think the benefit of building a WeChat group for a big family is that it is convenient for relatives to contact them in time. The disadvantage is that the relatives in the group are too lively, and WeChat will be rang every day.

  5. The advantage is that of course you can contact your feelings and increase your connection with your family. For example, occasionally discuss a question in the group, which is not done by the phone. The disadvantage is that the family group occasionally affects work and life. For example, sometimes I return, there is no time, no return, and no politeness.

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