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Qunqing’s application scope – europuppyblog

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  1. The color of the adhesive and sealing agent can eliminate the yellow light in white adhesives and sealing agents and white pigments, making it whiter. The small amount of group green adding white pigments will increase the whiteness and satisfaction. In 2008, Britain has newly developed an ultra -decentralized group of green Prestige series of acid -resistant groups, colorless powder, no dust, no odor, safe and environmentally friendly.
    1, coloring: for paint, ink, spray, rubber, plastic, art paint, cosmetics, etc. 2. Bai Bai: Qunqing can eliminate yellow color light in white products. 3. Polycination: Bleastric and gray colors are mixed with group greens to make the color have a soft luster. 4. Others: Qunqing can be used as an anti -agent for full fluoride resin, hydrogenation cracking catalysts, and adsorption of uranium from seawater.

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