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  1. 1. The gas cylinder should be placed in a good ventilation place, and the distance from the fire source and the heat source should not be less than 1.5m. The gas cylinder is strictly prohibited from roasting, boiling water, or exposure in the sun. It is necessary to regularly check the gas tightness of the gas cylinder valve and pipeline joints, and keep it without omitting. The leakage of soapy water can be used, and it is strictly forbidden to try the leak.
    2, when igniting, you should ignite the fire, and then open the air, and you should not reverse this order. Someone should be guarded during the use process. Do not leave to prevent the water from extinguishing the fire, causing the liquefied airflow to cause explosion. After the gas cylinder is used, the valve must be tightened to prevent air leakage.
    3, the liquefied gas in the gas cylinder cannot be used, and there should be a certain remaining pressure. The remaining pressure should generally be greater than 49.03kPa (that is, 0.5kg/cm2, surface pressure) to prevent air from entering the popular bottle. After the liquefied petroleum gas is used, the remaining liquid in the bottle is also a kind of flammable material. It must not be dumped by itself to prevent fire from the flowing and evaporation of the residual liquid.
    4, liquefied petroleum gas cylinder is a kind of pressure container, which must be well maintained and regularly inspected. In the process of handling and use, the gas cylinder should be prevented from falling or impact, and the bottle valve is not allowed to use iron to prevent direct sunlight and long -term rain. The gas cylinder is generally checked once every 2 years.
    5, although the scope of the explosion of oil liquefied gas is not too wide, but because the lower limit is small, it is easy to ignite and explode once it is leaked. Because LPG is heavier than air, it flows down when leaked in the air. There is a low -lying place, which has become a hidden danger of gas explosion. Therefore, places where gas is easy to leak. It is not enough to rely on the windows, and pay attention to the ventilation of the lower part.
    6. When the room is found to have liquefied gas leakage, the doors and windows should be opened in time to spread the direction of no light fire. It is strictly forbidden to fire nearby. The failure can be used after the failure. The waste liquid leaked on the ground is cleaned to a safe place after the sand covers. When the gas cylinder is on fire, the valve should be turned off immediately, moved to an open space outdoors, and the fire extinguishing the fireproof fire extinguishing agent, the carbon dioxide fire extinguishing agent or covered with a wet sack cover.
    7. To educate children not to play with gas bottles casually, users should understand the safety knowledge of using gas cylinders.

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