2 thoughts on “Qunqing’s group green”

  1. Introduction
    This blue is a dark blue.
    A blue has obvious calming effects. Through the research of psychologists, in various blue, group of blue calf effects are the best. The group of blue-colored Mangol is: 6pb4/13/cmyk: 95% 60-95% 0% 0%)
    group cyan is a relatively bright dark blue, Fermel (Dutch artist), etc. Artists like to paint with this color. This color looks very noble, deep, and very connotative.
    Ben according to the research of psychologists, if the color of the room is brushed into a color close to the group, or the group of cyan, you can get calm emotions and eliminate the magical effect of tension. And this effect is obviously greater than other blue.
    The dark blue or group of blue rooms (or large -scale paint) can reduce blood pressure, make people feel stable, breathe stable, and can quickly enter the dreamland. Studies have shown that people sleep in a dark blue room. Of course, if you don’t like blue, or are disgusted with blue, the above effect will disappear, and the group of blue will make you feel irritable, crazy, and even anxious.

  2. Blue pigments are the oldest and most brilliant blue pigments.
    The bright blue slightly red light, it has no toxic, environmental protection, is the category of inorganic pigments. It is used to lift white, which can eliminate the yellow light in white coatings or other white pigments. It is insoluble in water, alkali resistance, and high temperature resistance. It is extremely stable in the sun and wind and rain in the atmosphere, but it is not acid -resistant.

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