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The process process of the LPG gas station – europuppyblog

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  1. (1) Incorporate personnel must have LPG (or CNG) knowledge and fire knowledge, and should hold a certificate.
    (2) After the positioning of the vehicle, the aerators check whether the engine is off and whether the handbrake is braked.
    (3) For the modified vehicle, before the holiday, the pitch should request the driver to open the back cover of the vehicle to check whether the container has a specified label during the use period and post. Check the liquid meter, valve, and pipes of the container by watching, listening, and smell of the container. For non -modified vehicles, the driver should be required to cooperate with the above work.
    (4) Inspection of the pneumatic staff to connect the gas gun to the vehicle to confirm the reliable. It is strictly forbidden to cross the bronchial crossing and entanglement on other devices.
    (5) Incorporate the fascinating staff to observe the scale of the flow and the container when cheating, the maximum of the LPG gas volume must not exceed 85%of the volume of the car container volume or the specified red line; Essence
    (6) In the fixture operation, the aerators are strictly prohibited to hand over the faint gun to the customer to operate, and one person is prohibited from operating two gas guns.
    (7) The aerator should supervise the driver not to use a brush to clean the vehicle or open the engine front cover to repair the vehicle.
    (8) When the gas leakage occurs during the gas, the pneumatic staff should immediately turn off the vehicle gas cylinder valve, and press the emergency shutdown button at the same time to control the gas leakage in the minimum range.
    (9), after the gas is over, remove and put the gas gun correctly.
    (10), the gas must be carried out by the car, and no code can be cheered between the vehicles. Mobile communication devices such as mobile phones are prohibited in the aerated area.
    (11) In the event of an incident with severe electric flash lightning attacks, failure of the metering equipment, and the occurrence of the air supply stations around the gas station, it should be temporarily suspended.

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