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  1. After the vehicle is equipped with the LPG kit, after starting, the engine uses gasoline as the fuel operation. When the temperature of the cooling circulating water in the evaporator reaches the set temperature, the system automatically converts LPG fuel work. The liquid LGP flows out of the cylinder under the action of saturated steam pressure. Through the high -voltage tube road, the LPG solenoid valve enters the evaporator, and it vaporizes and decompression into a low -pressure gas after the water heat is exchanged with the engine cooling circulation in the evaporator. The low -voltage filter and the low -pressure tube road are transported to the gas spray rail. Under the control of the LPG computer, the gas nozzle spray the gas into the air pipe, mix with the air, and enters the cylinder to combust.
    LPG automotive system The main parts of the automotive system are composed of evaporation regulator, LPG cylinder, combined valve, LPG solenoid valve, conversion switch, LPG computer, gas spray rail, LPG solenoid valve, etc.
    1. Evaporation decompression device: This is a very important component in the entire LPG system. Its function is to fully vaporize LPG and use the secondary decompression to a gas that is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure for engine use.
    2, LPG cylinder: This is a container for storing LPG, which is a key key piece. It is generally made by manufacturers with designated stress containers in the national designated point in accordance with relevant standards. , Heat treatment, water pressure test, sampling blasting, fire burning and other tests to ensure the strength and safety and reliability of the cylinder.
    3, combined valve: It is a multi -functional valve installed on the LPG cylinder, consisting of safety valve, 80%limit charge valve, ultra -flow truncation valve, electronic valve, liquid level display device, etc. to ensure the safe and reliable LPG. Input and output.
    4. Conversion switch: It is to choose to use gasoline or LPG as a fuel switching device. It has the function of liquid level display and can display the reserves of LPG in the cylinder.
    5, LPG computer: Collect signal of each sensor of the engine. After data processing, control the gas nozzle jet and provide engine combustion; the LPG computer has a diagnostic interface to perform fault analysis and processing.
    6, gas spray rails: The four -cylinder engine consists of 4 nozzles to share 1 inlet. In the air intake itinerary of each cylinder of the engine, the nozzle of the cylinder was opened, and the LPG gas was sprayed into the airway and entered the cylinder to burn to do it.
    7, LPG solenoid valve: LPG solenoid valve is opened when LPG uses LPG. The LPG solenoid valve is equipped with a filter element, which can filter the liquefied gas impurities and protect the system.

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