Which regions and ports are the main distribution of our eight major transportation systems?

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  1. Five major regions port group:
    The Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta, Southeast coast, Pearl River Delta, Southwest coastal port group

    Eight major transportation systems:
    , Grain, commodity cars, land island and passenger transportation
    The five major port groups determined by the “Plan” include the following ports:

    If parts in the Bohai Sea area: Group composition.

    The port group of the Yangtze River Delta region: Relying on the Shanghai International Shipping Center, mainly Shanghai, Ningbo, and Lianyungang Port.

    The port group in the southeast coast: mainly Xiamen and Fuzhou Port.

    The port group in the Pearl River Delta region: It consists of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Shantou and other ports in the east of Guangdong and the Pearl River Delta.

    Hang port groups in the southwest coast: consisting of ports in western Guangdong, Guangxi coast and Hainan Province, and Zhanjiang, Fangcheng, Haikou Port.
    The specific content of the eight major transportation systems is:

    coal transportation: according to the overall pattern of “North Coal South Transport”, the port of Qinhuangdao Port, Tangshan Port, Tianjin Port, Huanghua, which are installed in the northern coastal coastal Hong Kong, Qingdao Port, Rizhao Port, Lianyungang Port and other composition. The shiplink port is composed of a special terminal and coal transfer facilities for power companies in coal consumption areas such as East China and South China.

    The petroleum transportation: Relying on petrochemical enterprises, with a professional imported crude oil unloading terminal and two -way transit storage facilities, as well as the composition of refined oil, natural gas transit storage and transportation facilities, And meet the national oil reserve requirements.

    Ter iron ore transportation: near the steel enterprise or the adjustment layout of steel companies, from 200,000 to 300,000 tons of high -efficiency and professional imported iron ore unloading pier and two -way connection Unload the transit facilities.

    The container transportation: gradually form a pattern of combining three levels of ports. The Bohai Rim region takes Dalian, Tianjin, and Qingdao Port as its trunks port; the Yangtze River Delta region is based on Shanghai, Ningbo and Suzhou Port as the trunks port; the southeast coastal area is the trunk line port; Take Shenzhen and Guangzhou Port as a trunk port; other ports on the coastal ports are carried out or fed for transportation.

    grain transportation: adapt to the geographical distribution of the main food outflow and flowing area in my country, supporting grain circulation, reserves, and logistics channels, large -scale, intensive, professional operation and development of grain transportation system.

    The commodity cars: relying on the car industry layout and internal and foreign trade cars, exported ports, specialized and convenient commodity car transportation and logistics systems.

    It island and passenger transportation: focusing on rolling transportation between mainland and islands to meet the needs of coordinated development of coastal islands; people -oriented, safe, comfortable, and convenient passenger transportation systems.

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