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What are the domineering names of the company? – europuppyblog

1 thought on “What are the domineering names of the company?”

  1. 1. Haiyan team: Haiyan is known as red lightning, and can pass through calmly in the wind and rainy weather, saying that the team has the same courage to fly dream team: Dream Flying!
    2, friendship team: Long live friendship
    3, hello everyone is really good. (Team name: Comrades)
    4, make money depending on everyone, happy you and me. (Team Name: Happiness Team)
    5, team name: Zhitong, slogan: Zhi in the world, all over the world.
    6. Complaining about the speed of the incident, the customer is satisfied and happy. (Team Name: Ren Love)
    7, elite team: smart unity, heroic and fearless.
    8, team name: Team name: Jiuyang elite team; slogan: challenge every day, wonderful no limit!
    9, because of confidence, so successful. (Team Name: Super Extreme Group)
    10, team name: Shengyu team, team name: victory’s feathers always return to me.
    11, Pioneer: Pioneer Pioneer, climbing the peak.
    12, team name: Tomorrow Star (Sales Team) Team Slogan: Paying on this day, perfect tomorrow.
    13, broken wave team: sometimes the wind and waves will sometimes hang the clouds to help the sea.
    14, team name: Bald chicken team, team slogan: eliminate iron roosters.
    15, team name: beyond the team’s inspirational slogan: beyond the dream, climb the peak!

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