4 thoughts on “How do WeChat add various groups?”

  1. The main way for WeChat to plus group is to enter the group by scanning the QR code. First of all, to go to the QR code of various groups, then open WeChat and click the additional number in the upper right corner. Scan the QR code and select to join in the pop -up prompt box. Hope to adopt, thank you!

  2. 1. Open WeChat, click the address book, and then find a group chat. 2. In the communication recording interface, click the group chat. 3. If there are more groups, we only need to click the magnifying glass icon to search for the group to find the group.

  3. There are two ways to join
    1. Invite to join. Some members who have already invited friends in the group invite friends to join
    2, two -dimensional code to join, and there are group QR code scan code to join. However, the Quality QR code is the validity period
    3. There are some platforms that specialize in collecting group QR codes, which are updated every day. You can add it through these platforms

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