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  1. The Pearl River Delta is one of the four major industrial bases in my country, which is characterized by comprehensive industrial bases mainly based on light industry. Mineral resources such as coal and iron ore in this area are poor, and it is not suitable for the development of heavy industries such as steel and coal energy. The region is my country’s silk mulberry base, which is suitable for the development of silk textile industry. Industry. Nowadays, the high -tech manufacturing and high -tech service industries of the Pearl River Delta have developed rapidly, and the southeast coastal high -tech industry dense areas centered on Shenzhen High -tech Zone have been formed.
    The hot area for foreign investment. The Pearl River Delta is a well -known overseas Chinese hometown, which has a common cultural background and close blood relationship with compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese. The preferential policies of reform and opening up have attracted a large number of foreign capital and promoted the development of the district. From 1979 to 1995, the actual use of foreign capital in the Pearl River Delta region accounted for 16%of the country, of which 77%of Hong Kong and Macao funds accounted for 77%. At the same time, foreign capital has also introduced advanced technical equipment and economic management methods, and has transformed traditional industries. It has established a number of modern foreign capital and joint venture, becoming an important source of economic growth in the region. The Pearl River Delta and Hong Kong and Macao areas formed a “front shop and rear factory”.
    The industrial base of the Pearl River Delta is an important light industry base in my country. This has formed an industrial system with light industry, more developed industries, more industrial categories, and strong product competitiveness. Household electrical appliances, consumer electronics, textiles, clothing, food and beverages, medicines, medicines, toys, watches, bicycles, various daily small commodities and other light industries are at the forefront of the country. In particular, the output value of the electronics industry accounts for 20%of the country. It has become an important emerging electronic industrial base in the country and one of the largest export bases for the global electronics industry. While the rapid development of the Pearl River Delta, the phenomenon of blind land acquisition has occurred, which reduces a large amount of arable land, causing tension of soil and soil resources. At the same time, it also has a tendency to not pay attention to agriculture, which has obviously weakened traditional agriculture. New types of agriculture such as flowers planting are developed; in addition, ecological environment problems cannot be ignored. Therefore, in the future development of the Pearl River Delta, the special favorable conditions of the return of Hong Kong and Macau’s sovereignty can be used to further cooperate with Hong Kong and Macao in terms of industrial, finance, transportation, trade, and tourism. While transforming and improving the pillar industries such as home appliances, electronics, light textiles, and medicine, and developing new pillar industries, we must effectively strengthen the protection of cultivated land, increase agricultural investment, and provide a good foundation for economic development.

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