4 thoughts on “What are the car factories in Xiangfan”

  1. 1. Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd.
    2. Nanzhang County Sino -Foreign Automobile Repair Factory
    3. Xiangfan Rongbao Automobile Electric Factory
    4. Xiang Automobile Founding Factory
    6. Nanzhang County Automobile Kaisha Factory
    7. Xiangfan Automobile Industrial Economic and Technological Development Zone Automobile Assistant Material Factory
    8. . Xiangfan Automobile Standard Pack Factory Electrical Repair Department
    10. Dongfeng Xiangfan Industrial Company Dongchi Automobile Component Factory
    11. Affiliated Enterprise Branch of the Second Power Factory
    13. Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. heavy car factory car container branch
    14. Hubei Automobile Tool Factory
    15. Hekou Dongfeng Automobile Cashi Factory
    17. Laohekou City Automobile Founding Factory
    18. Xiangfan National Automobile Seal Power Factory Co., Ltd.
    19. Dongfeng Xiangfan Industrial Company Automotive Chassis Parts Factory
    21. Hubei Automobile Tool Factory Supporting Department
    22. . Dongfeng Automobile Electric Factory
    25. Xiangfan Automobile Industry Development Zone Xinhong Equipment Maintenance and Processing Factory
    26. Factory
    28. Laohekou Dongfeng Chuangpu Special Automobile Factory
    29. Zaoyang Changxing Automobile Spring Spring Factory
    32. Xiangyang Development Zone Antarctic Automobile Anti -Frozen Rust Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -Anti -rust Protective Factory

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