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  1. How is Xiangyang’s automotive industry?
    It from scratch, from weak to strong, from low -end to high -end, from parts to the entire vehicle, from traditional power vehicles to new energy vehicles, from a single automobile manufacturing industry to the automotive industrialization, passing 40 through 40 With many years of development, Xiangyang Automobile Industry has created one “miracle” one after another, upside down the “leader” of Xiangyang Industrial development, and has become a powerful engine for the city’s economic development.
    At present, Xiangyang has become a light commercial vehicle, mid -to -high -end passenger cars, new energy vehicles and key component assembly production bases and Zotye Motor production bases. Base, national energy conservation and new energy vehicle demonstration promotion pilot cities, national automotive power and component industrial bases, have the National Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, National Intelligent Networking Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Hubei), National Power Battery Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, National automotive and component testing agencies such as automotive component inspection and other laboratories have formed a relatively complete automotive industry chain that integrates manufacturing, logistics, commerce, trade, testing, and detection.
    The output value of the car industry from “Dongfeng” to the wind and wave car industry jumped to 2 billion levels
    . Before the reform and opening up, there were only 7 in Xiangyang for Dongfeng Automobile Company (formerly Second Automobile Manufacturing Factory, hereinafter referred to as Erqi) supporting facilities) Auto parts companies are in the production and processing stage of automobile parts.
    In the early 1980s, Erqi opened the second base in Xiangyang (at the time called Elvo Vancouver Xiangfan Base), which brought major opportunities for the development of Xiangyang’s automotive industry. Since then, Xiangyang Automobile Industry has turned on the wind and waves.
    During this period, in order to cooperate with the development and deployment of the eastward movement of Elviament and promote the rise of the local automotive industry, the municipal party committee and municipal government decisively made a strategic choice of “relying on Erqi and vigorously developing the automotive industry”. A group of enterprises that were originally engaged in machinery processing and agricultural machinery production have been developed into a supporting manufacturer of Erqi parts. In just a few years, the city’s automotive and component companies have developed to 95, and the production pattern of supporting, accessories and collaborations for Erqi series products has been initially formed.
    In the 1990s, the development of Xiangyang automobile industry entered a period of rapid growth. In May 1992, Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. was established in Wuhan and built an engine factory in Xiangyang. Subsequently, Erqi renamed Dongfeng Motor Company (referred to as Dongfeng Company).
    In September 1992, the first Fukang sedan was driven out from Dongfeng Company Xiangyang Trial Factory. Immediately afterwards, the blue bird sedan and the first 3 -ton light car went offline, marking the era of Xiangyang’s automobile industry began to enter the era of production.
    Pengfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. After the establishment of Xiangyang, a number of key backbone companies such as Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. settled in Xiangyang. Subsequently, new cars and other cars such as Dongfeng Xiaoba Light Card were officially put into production or offline in Xiangyang.
    In 2000, the city’s automotive industry output value exceeded the 10 billion yuan mark for the first time, reaching 11.2 billion yuan, accounting for 39.5%of the city’s total industrial output value.
    The interest in the east wind and development. After 10 years of cultivation and development, the automotive industry has grown rapidly into the leading industry of our city, becoming the first engine of the city’s economic and social development.
    In 2010, the city’s automotive industry achieved an output value of 107.43 billion yuan, accounting for 46.7%of the city’s total industrial economy, and Xiangyang became one of the 100 billion -level automobile industry cities in the country.
    In 2015, the output value of the automotive industry above the city reached 2011.4 billion yuan, exceeding the 200 billion yuan mark.
    In 2017, the city’s vehicle production exceeded the 300,000 mark, an increase of 27.9%year -on -year (the national growth rate was 3.2%).
    In 2018, in the context of the negative growth of the automotive industry in the country, Xiangyang’s automotive industry went against the trend. The city’s automobile output exceeded 380,000 units, an increase of 23.4%year -on -year.
    At present, there are more than 500 enterprises engaged in automobiles and component manufacturing. Among them, there are 388 enterprises above designated size, more than 200 companies with over 100 million yuan, and 4 companies with over 10 billion yuan.
    has jumped from tens of billions to 100 billion yuan. The Xiangyang automobile industry has been spent 10 years, and it takes only 5 years from 100 billion to 200 billion.
    This moving towards high -end development to the cluster to develop “Xiangyang made” cars and parts leading in China.
    In 2003, Dongfeng Nissan’s first high -end car -Teana was offline in Xiangyang, Xiangyang passenger car development jumped jumped upwards New steps.
    In 2012, the Infiniti localization project settled in Xiangyang, marking the key step of the development level of Xiangyang passenger vehicle to high -end industrial chain.
    In 2014, Dongfeng Nissan’s high -end passenger vehicle Infiniti went offline in Xiangyang, and Xiangyang became one of the three major production bases in Infiniti.
    In 2015, Dongfeng Nissan’s new flagship SUV New Loulan officially went offline; in 2016, the high -end car “Xima” was put into production at Fengshen Xiangyang Automobile Co., Ltd. The advantage of the base is prominent.
    In 2018, the city has successfully introduced Dongfeng Nissan’s best -selling model -Qijun, and officially achieved mass production in our city in May, adding a strong ink for promoting the upgrade of the city’s vehicle structure and the annual output reached a new high. One stroke. Hubei Meiyang Motor successfully introduced the two SUV models of “Junma MEET3” and “Junma Seek5” in our city, and officially opened a new pattern of the state -owned state -owned and private sectors of the city’s automotive industry and the private sector.
    The projects are settled and new models are launched. Xiangyang’s automotive industry has continued to move towards high -end, which drives the city’s automotive industry to transform and upgrade and increase efficiency, and enhance the overall strength and market competitiveness of Xiangyang’s automotive industry.
    At present, Xiangyang’s vehicle production capacity has reached 800,000 vehicles, the engine production capacity reaches 1.31 million units, and the bridge production capacity exceeds 1 million. The main products include Dongfeng Nissan Teana, Loulan SUV, Qijun SUV, luxury car Infiniti and other passenger cars, Dongfeng Little Bawang, Dolika Light Card, Dongfeng Royal High -end Light Passenger and other commercial vehicles, Dongfeng Tianyi New Energy Bus and Special Car (Special Car ) Waiting for the entire vehicle series, Dongfeng Peugeot, Citroen engine, Dongfeng Denner Bridge, camel battery and body assembly, transmission assembly, frame assembly, electrical and instrument system assembly series, bearings, seats, lamps, batteries, batteries, storage batteries , Corner adjustment, door lock, generator, starter, friction material, oil chemical and other sub -assembly series. Among them, the production and sales volume of light commercial vehicles ranks third in the country; the chassis of passenger cars ranks first in the country; commercial vehicle bridges ranks first in Asia; the size of the production of automobile batteries ranks first in the country; The domestic independent brand industry is the first; the scale of power assembly production and automotive friction films are among the best in China; the comprehensive strength of the test and testing agency ranks among the top in the country. Since the “Twelfth Five -Year Plan”, in front of the vehicle and key assembly, the cluster of the cluster gathering and the development of clusters, the Xiangyang automobile industry has formed a high -tech zone as the core, radiating Zaoyang, Gucheng, Laoshikou, Nanzhang, Baokang,,, Baokang,,,, Baokang,,,, Baokang, Baokang,,, Baokang, Baokang,,, Baokang,,, Baokang, Baokang,,, Baokang,,, Baokang, Baokang,,, Baokang,,,, Baokang,,,, Baokang,,,, Baokang,,,, Baokang,,,,, Baokang, Baokang,,,, Baokang,,,, Baokang,,,,, Baokang,,,,,,, The development pattern of Yicheng and other regions has built a backbone enterprise to build Dongfeng Automobile Parts Industrial Park, Dongfeng Nissan ’s Filivit Industrial Park, Dongfeng Denner Bridge Industrial Park, Shenlong Industrial Park, Meiyang Automotive Industrial Park, and Gucheng Sanhuan Industrial Park , Zaoyang Special Vehicle Industrial Park, Nanzhang Electrical and Electrical Industrial Park and other characteristic parks, supporting capabilities and agglomeration have been continuously improved.
    In innovation breakthroughs to create the most strong growth pole construction “China New Energy Vehicle Capital”
    2002 new energy vehicle industry started; the first new energy vehicle in 2009 was offline; 2010 Dongfeng Co., Ltd. New energy commercial vehicle projects were started; in 2013, it was listed as a demonstration city for the promotion and application of national new energy vehicles; in 2016, the first pure electric car manufactured by Xiangyang -Dongfeng Junfeng ER30 … The complete industrial chain that integrates vehicle production, component production and research and development. After more than ten years of development, Xiangyang New Energy Vehicle Industry has entered a period of rapid development and has become the strongest growth pole of Xiangyang’s economic development.
    The output of new energy vehicles in 2018 exceeded 40,000, an increase of 23.7%year -on -year; the output value of new energy vehicles exceeded 23 billion yuan, an increase of more than 20%year -on -year.
    It adhering to scientific and technological innovation, owning independent intellectual property rights, and enhancing core competitiveness is the fundamental reason for the development of Xiangyang’s new energy vehicle industry.
    The earlier this century, a group of enterprises and research institutions engaged in electrical, motor, automobile modification, and vehicle production institutions have successively entered the development of new energy vehicle components and the field of vehicle modification. Dongfeng Xiangyang Xingyang Xingyang Train Co., Ltd. conducts new energy vehicle chassis design and development; Xiangyang Special Electrical Company has studied and developed the integrated driving system of motor and gearbox …
    Since then, Xiangyang New Energy Automobile Industry has made progress all the way. In 2009, the first 15 commercialized pure electric buses went offline at Dongfeng Xiangyang Xiangyang Xiangyang Xiangyang. In 2010, Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. brought 7 new energy products including “Dongfeng Tianyi”, “Handsome MPV”, “Odin SUV”, micro passenger cars, and sanitation cars. The driver system developed by Xiangyang Yuqing Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. passed the expert review and declared a patent to provide supporting products for the Shanghai World Expo New Energy Vehicle …
    accelerated industrial transformation and seized the development opportunities. The Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government attach great importance to the development of the new energy vehicle industry. The support of the policy has maintained a high development trend of the new energy vehicle industry in our city. The proportion of the output value of the automotive industry in the city is increasing, and the new energy vehicle industry system is becoming more and more perfect.
    At present, Xiangyang is engaged in the development and production of new energy vehicles and produces more than 30 enterprises and hospitals, forming “three vertical and three horizontal” (pure electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, fuel cell vehicles, power batteries, driving systems,, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems, driving systems. The industrial form of the control system) has gradually developed a new energy commercial vehicle such as the entire vehicle R

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