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  1. In 2018, under the supply side to accelerate the promotion of the payment, the demand -side sheds renovated monetization compensation ratio decreased, the upward rate of loan interest rates, and the tightening of the regulation and control policies. However, the growth rate has slowed down; the demand for first -tier cities is weak, and new first -tier cities have become the main force to drive sales growth; the overall decline in the second -hand housing trading market has released a dangerous signal.
    The market demand is weak, and the growth rate of sales continues to slow
    If according to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the sales area of ​​my country’s commercial housing in 2011-2018 shows an upward trend. In 2018, the national commercial housing sales area reached 1.717 billion square meters, a record high; but the growth rate further narrowed, only 1.3%, a narrowing of 6.4 percentage points from 2017.
    This sales show the same change. In 2018, the sales of commercial housing in my country reached 15 trillion yuan, reaching a new high over the years, but the growth rate fell to 12.2%, a decrease of 1.5 percentage points from 2017.
    This shows that the demand for the real estate market in China in 2018 is obviously weak, which is mainly to accelerate the supply side to promote the recovery of money. related. In the short term, my country’s real estate sales will continue to slow down.
    2019 Meso Mid -National Housing Real Estate Development Trend Analysis
    In general, my country’s real estate in 2018 has risen steadily, but the growth rate has slowed down; the demand for first -tier cities has become the main force to drive sales growth in new first -tier cities; second -hand second -hand; second -hand second -hand The housing trading market has declined as a whole, releasing dangerous signals.
    looking forward to 2019, under the tone of the state regulation and maintenance of “housing and living without frying” and “renting and purchase”, my country’s real estate market may present the following trends:
    -refer to the foresight industry research research on the above data sources. The “Analysis Report on the Planning and Investment Strategic Planning of the Chinese Real Estate Industry Market Demand Planning and Investment Strategic Plan” released by the hospital.

  2. There will be some shuffle
    Is from the real estate market, its future development is affected by factors such as changes in domestic and foreign markets, economic forms, population structure, consumption function, public opinion environment, industrial planning, and political finance. Single in all.
    First of all, from the comprehensive analysis: As an indispensable industrial form, real estate, with the continuous advancement of domestic urbanization, the relationship between the industrial economy and consumer supply and demand of consumer Fine differentiation and policy grasping the general direction and the maturity of the market catalyzed by the market are an unstoppable general trend.
    , but due to the development of the formal forms of “grabbing style”, “most blind”, “mostly the same product form”, market demand selection and weakening of rigid demand, and policy financial public opinion In the near future, the real estate industry will have a “gradient” reshuffle and market re -adjustment and optimization.
    The 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly transforms the real estate industry in the pillar industry of the national economy into an important industry. As everyone knows the pillar and important differences, preventing the economy from hard landing and reefs. Conditional restrictions are improved, so some forms of foam can be ruptured in some forms of excessive development areas.
    Secondly, from the perspective of industry development: In the next 20-30 years, the real estate industry will have the following trend forms.
    1. The development and construction trend of industrial real estate. In terms of policies, it will no longer use GDP theory alone, the continuation of administrative responsibility, and so on, will promote the development of urban development to not only care about the interests and vested interests of the eyes. The development of urban real estate will no longer stop residential and complex development. The industrial and economic construction will gradually integrate and truly integrate into the form of real estate development to form another kind of complex. The emergence of this complex can not only drive urban economic development, but also ensure the supply and demand relationship of real estate projects.
    2, health care and leisure vacation complex. At this stage of China, the aging of society has provided a big opportunity for the construction of the elderly residential area. Many investment developers have erected this flag. In the process of material forms, pension, health, leisure and vacation will become a compound form. As one of the cores of real estate construction, considering space and products that are considering space and products. On the basis, we should also pay attention to the requirements of people’s lifestyle changes and free time for traffic.
    3, real estate function differentiation, fine cultivation. The urban cluster formed by the influence of external radiation, the urban function decomposition of urban ecological environment changes, the docking of economic development needs and consumer demand, etc., requires that real estate investment and construction of the form of the form of the form of the formation of the form of continuous differentiation. Investors will pay more attention to professional deep cultivation In detail, cultural real estate, education real estate, industrial real estate, park real estate, professional market real estate, residential real estate, commercial real estate, small town real estate, tourism real estate, pension health real estate, high -end boutique real estate, industrial real estate, etc. Brand development chain. This is a trend of differentiation in the real estate industry.
    Finally, at the level of product supply and demand analysis:
    1, large -scale communities, urban commercial complexs will gradually shrink, small -scale boutique development and custom development will be the main trend of future urban development. In the past and current stages, due to the rapid process of China’s urban construction, scale development and aggregation effects were the main features. However, with the improvement and maturity of urbanization, the scale of population demand decreases, the targeted consumption of niche groups, the relatively stable size of the business area and the space for demand, the scale of urban residential areas and commercial development will be narrowed and presentation Differentiated, more supplementary forms.
    2. Business development focuses on the entire process of consumption experience, and online and offline business forms will still coexist. Online commercial demand offline circulation and experience support. Offline business focuses on the combination of vertical and horizontal combinations, on -site experience effects of different consumer classes, the leisure and entertainment effects of people and monomers, and the whole process of physical and mental experience.
    3. In the future, the products that are just needed will gradually stabilize at a certain number of levels, and there will be no major phased ups and downs.
    4. The improvement of quality of life. For the second- and three -time change, the first home of life will put forward more targeted needs. “Private customization” and “niche customization” will appear more. This will appear more. It also requires product functions, space experience, added value, service quality, sustainable development, ecological health, and traffic.

  3. This industry that is closely related to the national economy is at least twenty years, and the rising industry is at least twenty years, but any industry has become bigger and bigger and bankrupt. The key is how to operate and manage

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