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What are the communication groups of Jinan salesman? – europuppyblog

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  1. Business QQ group: Shandong, Jinan, sales
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    Jinan, sales
    qq group number: 184828180
    qq group name: Jinan Business ① Group
    Sales skills Five gold laws: understand demand-eliminate the alert-grasp the key to the demand-transaction. The members in the group actively communicate, learn from each other, and improve together!

  2. Pay attention to four problems during the training of new employees:

    The increasingly fierce market competition has changed enterprises from the competition of products to talent competition, but in the social environment, the high loss rate of talents allows enterprises I have to recruit new employees to join the enterprise. Usually, new employees are recruited through two methods: school recruitment and social recruitment. No matter what ways, how to quickly integrate new employees into enterprises and create value for enterprises. However, from Tao Tao International’s many years of research, it has been found that many companies have not succeeded in training for new employee training. The reason is that the company has fallen into a misunderstanding. This misunderstanding is that enterprises only treat new employee training as a routine behavior. It is that many companies have this idea that new employees cannot quickly integrate into the enterprise, and even make new employees leave after their employment. So what problems do companies ignore?

    did not clearly distinguish the new employees. You know, the school recruiting new employees and new employees are two completely different situations: the school recruiting new employees is like a blank piece of paper, without experience and ability, and lacks practical mentality. On the contrary, it can be said that the school recruiting new employees and new employees are two very different situations, so they should treat the two differently during training.

    It is the important role of many companies that ignore the direct supervisor of new employees. Enterprises recruit new employees hope that they can create value for the enterprise and serve the enterprise for a long time, but the growth of talents is a process of long -term training. Any enterprise can help them grow rapidly through new employee training. Among them, more of them rely on new employees to rely on new employees to rely on new employees. Long -term training can be achieved. It is just that the supervisor of many companies does not have a clear understanding in this regard.

    The last is the lack of training methods. Whether it is internal training or external training, it is important to consider the objects and backgrounds of the training. It is precisely that this is a problem that many companies ignore, and even many professional training institutions will ignore it. You know, due to the different background experience of the new employees and social recruitment of new employees, the new employees facing the training mentality and the application of lecturer training methods are different. Therefore If training is used in the same way, the training effect will inevitably lead to a low training effect.
    How to change the problems that many companies are facing in the training of new employees? Tao Tao International believes that targeted systematic training is important. In addition to the needs of new employees and the lack of supervisors, the needs of enterprises are equally important. In order to allow enterprises to achieve the expected purpose during the training of new employees, Tao Tao International will allow companies to understand the focus of new employee training through detailed analysis and summary, and help new employees in the enterprise grow rapidly.

    . A blank of school recruiting new employees
    For most enterprises, the post -80s and post -90s have become the backbone of the enterprise and the main part of the school recruiting new employees. This It is an irreversible trend. However, with the development of information and technology, the thoughts and behaviors of these new era owners are significantly different from those before the 1970s, especially in the attitude towards work. For them, in addition to earning money that is consistent with their ability, work also shows the stage of self and reflects self -worth.

    but the problem still exists, first of all, the ability. As a person who has just stepped out of the school, low ability and less experience are an important factor that hinders its growth; followed by the environmental changes, compared with the almost irregular campus life, the workplace life is being used by many rules. The way of restraint, and the way of communicating and communication is essentially different from the campus life; in the end, the mentality, the gap between ideals and reality can easily make these schools new employees have a strong gap when they first enter the workplace.

    It can be found that these are the main problems facing the new employees who have entered the workplace. They only rely on corporate culture and system content to help schools recruit new employees to grow. On the contrary, these contents are more like restricting constraints It exists. For these 80s and post -90s people, there are many difficulties they face in the workplace. If companies cannot help them solve these problems, they will be a great honor to cause the passage of people and cause a lot of losses.
    . Social recruitment new employees, there are traces that cannot be wiped
    Many companies think that new employees have a certain ability and experience and can quickly create value for enterprises. Therefore Employees conduct systematic training and even do not even train them. In fact, this is a wrong behavior, and the consequences of such errors are often the most serious.

    Can the length of working time be the standard for measuring its ability? I believe that the answer given by many companies is not possible, but it is precisely that this is a question that many companies ignore. With certain abilities and experience does not mean that it can meet the needs of the enterprise. After recruiting new employees to join the enterprise, it is important to measure the ability of new employees. If there is insufficient ability in terms of capabilities, then the enterprise must bear the responsibility of cultivation.

    In the company’s neglect is that most social recruitment employees have the shadow of the previous enterprise. Whether it is thinking or behavior, it is inevitable that the influence of previous companies cannot be avoided. And this impact is likely to bring a negative effect on the enterprise: it is difficult to integrate into the team, compare the current work standards with the development of the current enterprise, the change of position and responsibility, etc. Shortly after joining the enterprise, it takes a lot of responsibilities. If these contents are ignored, it is likely to have a great impact on the team.

    . The supervisor, the forgotten responsibility — Bole
    Whether it is a school recruitment or a social recruitment, if you want to meet the requirements of the enterprise and serve the enterprise for a long time, you need to continue to carry out it. In addition to improving personal ability, cultivation can meet the market’s requirements for talents. The supervisor of many enterprises believes that leadership and management are their main responsibilities, and new employee training is a matter for enterprises and human resources departments.

    The “thousands of miles” that can create value is naturally important, but thousands of miles are not naturally possible to travel thousands of miles a day. Among them, Bole’s continuous cultivation is required, and the supervisor in the enterprise assumes such responsibilities. But whether the supervisor has the ability to cultivate thousands of miles is a question that many companies need to consider. The growth of new employees requires its own efforts, but it is impossible to grow rapidly by relying on self -efforts. At this time, the supervisor needs to assume the relevant responsibilities: how to quickly integrate into the new environment, the skills, work methods and capabilities of communicating with new colleagues, etc. These are the responsibilities that the supervisor must assume.

    . The training of new employees, know where the “new” is
    Tao Tao International has many years of new employee and needs experience. After summary, many companies do not have new employee training. Target. Employees must meet multiple conditions when joining the enterprise, but those companies should first understand which conditions are already available by employees and which are not available? Many companies are facing the situation during the training that the conditions that employees already have, and the capabilities that employees do not have, but ignore them. The problem of some companies is that since they are new employees, they will be used to train everything, and the result will cause unnecessary resources waste. Therefore, during the training of new employees, we must know where its “new” is and where is the place where it is targeted.

    . In addition, the enterprise also has some shortcomings in the training process, and these shortcomings also exist when training in some external institutions. In order to achieve the effect of training, you must choose in combination with the actual situation. The training of 30 people and 200 people have the same training effect. It is very different in teaching methods and transportation methods. The background of the academic qualifications should also be carried out in different ways. However, whether it is an enterprise or an external training institution, it often ignores these factors that affect the training effect. It has always been trained in the same way. Naturally, it cannot achieve a good training effect.

    The cooperation experience with various types of companies and various types of enterprises, Tao Tao International believes that new employee training wants to achieve the expected results, and it must be issued three arrows: according to the school recruitment and social recruitment Different cases set internal training content, while increasing the shortcomings of the supervisor in deployment and cultivation. Only in this way can we not only ensure the rapid integration of new employees into the enterprise, create value for the enterprise in the short term, and at the same time, with the continuous cultivation of the supervisor, the ability of new employees can always improve.

    Is to help you!

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