2 thoughts on “How to sell goods in the WeChat group”

  1. Answer 1. Establish WeChat group, invite friends to add a new group. If there is no large number of resources, you can first let the relatives and friends around you add the group, and then send the circle of friends. I have built a group, all of which are daily life supplies and fresh products in it. I am attentive every day, and they can fight for it. Every day there are snap -up products. They are all cost -effective. Send a red envelope! Then you can attach a QR code, and there are some pictures about the product, and then the people who call the circle of friends to help share it. You can formulate some benefits appropriately. 2. In the formulation of group rules in the group announcement, write some rules in the group, activities and the like, first of all, it is necessary to explain that it is forbidden to advertise in the group. When you come, every newcomer comes in, you can write a word of welcoming newcomers, or send a small red envelope to drive the atmosphere in the group, which will make the newcomer be valued. 3. When the WeChat group is promoting, the WeChat group should try to give the group users as more benefits. For some discount products, they will share it more positively with the people around them, get a trust, and then enter the group to enter the group. More, group personnel will gradually expand. Fourth, group operating skills, group owners can find a few good friends in the group to drive the atmosphere in the group and enhance everyone’s activity. You can talk about topics that everyone is interested in one day. The main enthusiasm of the group will drive everyone’s enthusiasm. It can be said that how many red envelopes will be sent, encouraging everyone to share the group, invite more newcomers to come in, and invite many people to enter the group to send him a red envelope, so as to increase the atmosphere in the group. You can also let your relatives and friends share shopping pictures in the group and the true feelings of shopping.

  2. In the WeChat group, selling goods must be attracted at first, so that others can pay attention, either the price is low, or the product is really good. You can take a look at your own use map to see if anyone is interested.

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