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  1. ICBC’s personal financial business publicity slogan
    Personal financial business refers to various financial businesses provided by banks for individual customers. Industrial and Commercial Bank’s personal financial business originated from the Savings business of the People’s Bank of China. It includes savings deposit business, consumer credit business, personal intermediate business, personal financial business business, etc. It is one of the theme business of commercial banks. It has the characteristics of huge customer groups, complex structures, and diversity; complete product system; diversified service channels; profit stabilizers and other characteristics.

    The public financial business publicity slogan:
    1. Open fund, expert financial management, trustworthy. Open Fund
    2. ICBC Banking Exchange, Savings Stocks are easy. Silver Stock Exchange
    3. Peony campus card, campus life steward. Peony campus card
    4. Peony credit card, credit creation life. Peony Credit Card
    5. ICBC Financial@Home, Online Services to your home. Personal online banking
    6. Peony Lingtong Card, one card in hand, traveled to Shenzhou. Peony Lingtong Card
    7. ICBC pays for payment, and the payment is easier. Payment Payment
    8. The fun of driving starts with car consumer credit. Personal car consumer loan
    9. Education savings, savings tomorrow. Education savings deposits
    10. Wealth management fund account card, your wealth management expert. Wealth Management Gold account
    11. Deliven 95588, ICBC service to your home. Phone Bank
    The ICBC’s personal financial business has undergone a macroeconomic environment from a planned economic system to a socialist market economy system, witnessing the change of urban and rural residents’ family property structure and the growth of financial demand. In various stages of reform and development from professional banks to commercial banks and traveled to modern commercial banks, it has played an important role and made outstanding contributions.
    In 2016, in order to cooperate with the implementation of personal customer layered service strategies, ICBC began to build a personal wealth management center and handle personal financial business in districts in the wealth management center. At present, four types of outlet systems including wealth management centers, VIP financial management centers, wealth management online stores, and financial convenience stores.

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