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  1. The intestinal flora is a huge and complex ecological kingdom in the human body. Most of them are “beneficial bacteria” that can promote the entire intestinal activity, “harmful bacteria” that harmful to the body, and “neutral bacteria” that affect the effects of beneficial bacteria and harmful bacteria.
    The large number of flora can be roughly divided into three categories: probiotics, neutral bacteria, and harmful bacteria.
    Under normal circumstances, the human body has a certain resistance to adapt to each other with these intestinal verses. It restricts each other and depends on each other to maintain the relative balance of the intestinal environment without causing the body’s illness. When this balance is destroyed due to a certain factors, the human body will occur. Intestinal flora imbalances, also known as intestinal flora disorders, changes in the composition of intestinal flora, changes in bacterial activity or changes in the distribution of bacteria. Symptoms caused by flora dysfunction include oral odor, stomach discomfort, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, mood, anxiety, etc., which cause a series of diseases in severe cases.
    in recent years, research by many scholars shows that probiotics and obesity, diabetes, depression, cardiovascular diseases, and immune metabolic diseases in the intestinal flora are connected. A good intestinal (bacterial group status) environment will make you easier to achieve weight loss, anti -aging, becoming difficult to get sick, and to allergic dermatitis, depression, hypertension, gout, low immune function, cancer and other diseases Symptoms also have positive treatment effects
    The proportion of good intestinal flora: 7 (beneficial bacteria): 2 (neutral bacteria): 1 (harmful bacteria)
    The flora transplantation is a very good way. The flora transplants transplants the fungus of the healthy population into the patient’s intestine, and the intestinal flora that rebuilds the normal function to achieve the treatment of internal and external intestinal diseases.
    The flora transplantation is divided into four eras
    1.0 era: Huanglong Tang “Time to prepare for emergency recipe”
    2.0 era: standardized septic bacteria transplantation, father of Chinese septic bacteria transplantation
    3.0. Times: Precise flora transplantation
    4.0 era: Featured formula, gene editing bacteria, biore synthetic bacteria
    bacteria group -transplantation -development
    Ge Pharmaceutical Group leads bacterial population transplantation into the 3.0 era -precise flora transplantation.

  2. Normal flora in the intestine has the effect of inhibiting harmful bacteria, and can also promote the absorption of the digestive mold nutrients of food food. Pay attention to adjustment, drink plenty of water, drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables and other light foods.

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