The State Medical Insurance Bureau solicited opinions on conducting oral planting medical services charges. Do you support this policy?

4 thoughts on “The State Medical Insurance Bureau solicited opinions on conducting oral planting medical services charges. Do you support this policy?”

  1. I support this policy very much, because the cost of dental implants is indeed very high. We need to gradually reduce the increase in costs in this way. This method can also help more patients get timely treatment.
    For the entire oral industry, because the price and service price of the oral industry are very expensive, many treatment projects themselves are not in the list of medical insurance, so the cost of related treatment for ordinary patients is very expensive. In this case, if we want to further ensure the basic health of patients, we need to further include more oral items into medical insurance, and we also need to reduce the comprehensive costs of each treatment project.
    What is this thing?
    The news about the oral therapy industry. In order to further standardize oral planting medical services, the State Medical Insurance Administration has begun to standardize the corresponding standardized measures for oral planting medical services. After that, the price of dental implants services in ordinary patients may be reduced from tens of thousands of yuan to about 1,000 yuan, which has almost received support from everyone.
    I support this policy very much.
    is mainly because dental implants are indeed a very luxurious treatment for many ordinary patients. Because not all patients have very good material conditions. After the needs of dental implants, the comprehensive cost of dental implants will stop many patients. If we can comprehensively reduce the relevant costs, we can maintain the basic profit costs of dental implants through the way to take the amount, and at the same time, we can also reduce the treatment cost of patients. This method can achieve the result of win -win.
    At the same time, I think more oral items need to be included in the medical insurance list. For our ordinary patients, when the patient’s oral problems are treated in time, oral health will affect the quality of life of the patient, and a bite of white and healthy teeth can also significantly improve the patient’s confidence in life.

  2. I am very supportive of this policy, because many people are more expensive to plant dental implants. If it can really reduce a little cost, there will not be so many people to suffer pain.

  3. I think it is very good in such a policy. I also support it. The second point is that many things in this medical insurance are reimbursed, so it can reduce the burden on everyone.

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