Hangzhou: Further consolidate the basic property management of property management services

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  1. Recently, Hangzhou issued the “Implementation Opinions on Implementing the” Hangzhou Property Management Regulations “.
    In the understanding of the new media, the opinions proposed to further implement the supervision and management responsibilities. Governments at all levels are required to strengthen overall coordination and promote property management activities into grassroots governance work; relevant departments of the two levels in the urban area strengthen the supervision and joint efforts, and do a good job of management and law enforcement in the property management area according to their functions;
    streets (townships) Strengthen guidance and supervision, consolidate the mechanism of deepening the “party building leadership, three parties collaborative” mechanism, and do a good job of guiding supervision of property management activities.
    In further consolidating the foundation of property management. Clarify the newly built property and the real estate management area division of the property management area that does not divide the property management area;
    Procked the allocation and registration requirements of property service houses, and select the preliminary property service personnel through public bidding methods to regulate the preliminary property services; Improve the inspection system, strengthen the management of professional facilities, and implement the responsibility for warranty and maintenance of construction units.
    In further promotion of the owner’s self -management. The streets (townships) are required to strengthen the construction of the owner’s organization, guide and supervise and supervise the owners’ conference, and election to generate the owner’s committee; clarify the proportion of the Communist Party members of the newly established or newcomer committee members in principle; The committee and the property management committee shall establish and improve basic work systems such as financial management, standardize work to carry out work, give full play to their role, and accept the supervision of all owners.
    Ip, further optimize property management services. Improve and improve the evaluation and evaluation system of the property management project, build a unified industry authority in the city, lead the responsibility, joint supervision of multiple departments. The public and applied intensity of the results of the overall supervision and evaluation;
    It strengthen the party building of the industry association, guide enterprises to establish and improve the party’s grass -roots organizations, improve the level of self -discipline in the industry, and the quality and service level of property management.

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