3 thoughts on “Hangzhou Qiantang property is really garbage”

  1. This property is really bad! All kinds of inaction, for more than two months, the maintenance report has been reported to it for more than two months, and has not been repaired! The decoration of the family also has to sign a electric box. It is promised that any problem has nothing to do with it. If you do not sign it, you will stop the water and power out! At present, more than 50 households have been managed by more than 50 households. Find the theory of property! The property answered arrogantly. What I do n’t listen to me is to stop the water and water, like the relevant departments have complained about it, it ’s good to do it, we are not afraid! Is this property good?

  2. This property company has a mess. The residential surveillance fire is broken. It reminds many times that when it is not paid, when the property fee is collected, it is said that the immortal person is not a fire accident. Essence Essence Garbage, the boss to the employee, a nest of garbage

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